Doctors demand a soft drink tax

Nearly all Britain's doctors want an increase in the price of fizzy drinks of around 20% to help tackle obesity. The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges is also calling for a crackdown in fast food restaurants close to schools.

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Dr Hilary: 'We've got to do something' about obesity

Doctors say we need to take immediate action to end the UK's reputation as the fat man of Europe.

Daybreak's Health Editor Dr Hilary said that obesity had increased "dramatically" in the last ten years.

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges says not enough is being done to keep the nation healthy.

They feel fizzy drinks and fatty foods should be treated in the same way as tobacco.

Tackle obesity 'before the NHS can no longer cope'

Speaking to The Guardian the academy's Chairman, Professor Terence Stephenson, said the report:

Does say we need together to do more, starting right now, before the problem becomes worse and the NHS can no longer cope.

Chef, Jamie Oliver added the report was:

The clearest warning sign yet that the medical profession is deeply concerned about obesity. We need action now to educate children and families on how to choose the right food to give them the best life chances.


Controls on adverts and restaurants to tackle obesity

Following a year-long inquiry the AMRC has devised a list of 10 recommendations to end the UK being "the fat man of Europe". These include:

  • Taxes of 20% on sugary drinks for at least a year
  • Banning the advertising of foods high in saturated fat, sugar and salt before 9pm
  • Councils having the power to limit the number of fast food outlets near schools and leisure centres
  • NHS staff to talk to overweight patients at every appointment about their eating and exercise habits
  • Advice for new parents on how to feed their children properly
  • All schools to serve healthy food in their kitchens
  • A ban on junk food an vending machines in hospital premises
  • £300m to be spent over the next three years on weight management programmes
  • More surgery for the severely obese, to help those at risk of dying
  • Food labels to include calorie information for children

'Tax soft drinks' urge Britain's doctors

The organisation which represents virtually every doctor in Britain says fizzy drinks should be taxed at 20% to help tackle obesity in Britain.

Rows of soft drinks on supermarket shelving Credit: Press Association

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges says not enough is being done to keep the nation healthy and it wants fizzy drinks, along with fatty foods, to be treated in the same way as tobacco.

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