Oscar family 'respect process'

Oscar Pistorius's family say they and the athlete "fully respect the bail hearing process and the sequence of events leading up to this point." It comes after the lead detective was replaced after it was revealed he is facing attempted murder charges

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Pistorius' lawyers attempt to dismantle the prosecution

by - Africa Correspondent

Pistorius' defence lawyers are attempting to dismantle Detective Botha's statement. Saying it was "extremely poor and patently there to bolster the State's case."

Botha was not a credible message. We cannot sit back and take comfort that he is telling us the truth.

There was no possibility that blood on the cricket bat could have played any role other than was proffered.


Timing of charges against detective 'raises questions'

Police in South Africa confirmed that the lead investigator in the murder case against Oscar Pistorius faces attempted murder charges himself over a 2011 shooting.

Detective Hilton Botha, who gave testimony in the hearing yesterday, has had the charges against him reinstated, according to police.

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Prosecutors said they were unaware if the charges against Botha when they put him on the stand. Police spokesman Brigadier Neville Malila said the timing of the charges raise questions and he said he did not know how the prosecution's case will be affected.

Pistorius composed as court hears his defence

by - Africa Correspondent

Pistorius' defence say that Reeva is likely to have "frantically locked the door" in response to Oscar Pistorius shooting at an apparent intruder. Roux recalls Botha's evidence. Saying he:

Had a statement from a person who was 600m away, then it was 300m away, now I don't know how far

Oscar Pistorius is still staring down at the ground, as he has done for most of this hearing. He is far more composed than he was yesterday.

Pistorius' uncle: 'We're going in the right direction'

by - Africa Correspondent

"We're going in the right direction," Oscar Pistorius' uncle tells me as he leaves the courtroom for a break.

The hearing at Pretoria Magistrates Court resumed with Pistorius' defence continuing to sum up.

The reality of violent crime, "is not South Africa's best kept secret" says defence lawyer.

Pistorius has claimed that he thought he was firing at intruder.

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