Pistorius in Reeva memorial

Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius is to hold a private memorial service for Reeva Steenkamp, his girlfriend he is accused of murdering, in South Africa.

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Pistorius to hold private memorial for girlfriend Steenkamp

The London 2012 Olympic star, Oscar Pistorius, pictured in a South African court last week. Credit: Reuters

Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius will hold a private memorial service for Reeva Steenkamp, his girlfriend he is accused of murdering, in South Africa tonight.

The 'Blade Runner' is currently on bail and local media reports suggest he requested the memorial service to allow him to grieve at his partner's death.

Pistorius' family members will attend the private Pretoria service which will take place at the house of Arnold Pistorius, Oscar's uncle.

The South African media have been asked to respect the Pistorius family's privacy.


Pistorius faces random checks for drugs and alcohol

Oscar Pistorius faces at least four random tests for drugs and alcohol in coming months to ensure he is complying with bail terms, a South African prison service official has said.

The Paralympic star was granted bail on Friday ahead of his trial for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on 14 February.

Oscar Pistorius pictured through a car window as he left court after being granted bail on Friday Credit: Reuters

Earlier today, Pistorius checked in with a probation officer at Pretoria magistrate's court in compliance with bail conditions set out last week.

He was also ordered to surrender his two passports, post bail of 1million rand (£74,000), and refrain from drinking alcohol until his case resumes on 4 June.

Pistorius reports to authorities as part of bail conditions

Oscar Pistorius' spokeswoman said he has reported to authorities in Pretoria as part of his bail conditions.

Lunice Johnston told the Associated Press that Pistorius has visited correctional officers, but did not reveal where the meeting took place.

Pistorius, who was released on bail Friday, is accused of premeditated murder following the death of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, in the early hours of February 14.

Prosecutors claim the couple argued before Steenkamp was killed. Pistorius says he mistook Steenkamp for an intruder and that the shooting was an accident.


Pistorius urged to 'come out with the honest truth'

Reeva Steenkamp's parents have given an interview to South African television they hope Oscar Pistorius "might just come out with the honest truth" about what happened in the runner's home in Pretoria.

It’s only Oscar [and] Reeva that know the true story. All I want is that he must just come out with the honest truth.

– Barry Steenkamp

We can’t come to terms with this. This is going to be for ever.

– June Steenkamp

Pistorius is to attend a police station this morning as part of his bail conditions.

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