Egyptians defend balloon safety

Colleagues of an Egyptian pilot who was flying a balloon which killed 19 tourists when it crashed near Luxor, have defended his safety record.

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  1. Richard Gaisford

Injured balloon survivor ran to homes shouting for help

Locals tell me balloon crash survivor Michael Rennie ran to these homes shouting for help. He had burns to side of face.

The homes balloon crash survivor Michael Rennie is understood to have ran to following the incident. Credit: Richard Gaisford

Witnesses say Mr Rennie had run 200m along a track from where the balloon first touched down to reach the homes.

The track Mr Rennie is believed to have run along looking for help following the balloon crash. Credit: Richard Gaisford

He would have seen the balloon rise up above him, with the basket and canopy ablaze - his wife Yvonne still in it. He shouted "my wife".

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