SA 'police drag' suspensions

All the officers involved in the incident in which a South African taxi driver was dragged through a street by a police van and allegedly beaten in custody have been suspended.

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Watchdog: Police did not report dragging of man

Moses Dlamini, a spokesman for the South African Independent Police Investigative Directorate, said there was a discrepancy between the police report and the video evidence.

"When we look at what was reported, they don't report anything about this man being dragged behind by the police vehicle, and that is where the difference is. You don't see that in the police statement," he said.

"We have made recommendations that the police men be suspended, however it is a matter for the police management to then do their own investigation and make a decision whether to suspend or not."

Report: South African man dies after being dragged through street by police van

A South African taxi driver has died after being dragged through a street by a police van and beaten in custody, it is alleged.

Video obtained by the South African Daily Sun appears to show Mido Macia, 27, being tied to the back of a police van before it drives away.

The van stops briefly, at which point ITV News has cut the footage, before again driving away at higher speed.

The Daily Sun's report claims Mr Macia "made the mistake of arguing with the [police] about parking his taxi."

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