US sinkhole home demolished

A home in Florida where a man disappeared into a huge sinkhole has been demolished. Yesterday rescue workers called off the search for Jeremy Bush, after specialist audio equipment failed to detect signs of life in the hole.

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Sinkhole house demolished in Florida

Neighbours and relatives console each other in Tampa, Florida. Credit: APTN

Neighbours and relatives of a Florida man, who is presumed dead after he was sucked into a sinkhole, have watched the emergency services bulldoze his home in Tampa.

The family of 36-year-old Jeff Bush say they woke up to hear him screaming as a 20-foot sinkhole opened up under his bedroom.

Officials have used specialist listening equipment to try and detect signs of life in the hole, but to no avail.

The bulldozer takes apart the property. Credit: APTN
Officials said the building needs to be demolished into the hole because of safety concerns. Credit: APTN
Two neighbouring properties have been evacuated since the floor underneath them is now unstable. Credit: APTN
It's not clear if neighbours will be allowed to return to their homes. Credit: APTN


US houses near sinkhole evacuated due to weak ground

Two houses nearby the sinkhole that is believed to have killed a man in Florida have been evacuated because it has weakened the ground under them.

Residents will probably will never be allowed inside again, said Jessica Damico of Hillsborough County Fire Rescue.

Authorities used listening devices and cameras at the scene of the 30-foot (9-metre) wide hole in the ground but detected no signs of life.

There's nothing compatible with life in this situation.

There's no way of possible survival.

Our data has come back, and there is absolutely no way we can do any kind of recovery without endangering lives of workers.

– Jessica Damico of Hillsborough County Fire Rescue.

Ms Damico said demolition of the home would begin early today.

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Rescuers call off search for sinkhole victim

The house in Tampa, Florida, where Jeff Bush was sucked into the hole Credit: Reuters TV

Rescuers have ended their search for a man who was sucked into a sinkhole which opened up under his bedroom in America.

It's believed that 36-year-old Jeff Bush died when he was sucked into the hole at his home in Tampa, Florida.

Authorities have not detected any signs of life after lowering listening devices and cameras into the hole.

Local officials say the house will now be demolished into the hole.

Brother's tears for Florida man swallowed by sinkhole

The brother of Jeff Bush, who was swallowed by a sinkhole at his Florida home, broke down in tears as he laid flowers close to the accident. Credit: RTV
"I really don't think they are going to be able to find him," Jeremy Bush has told reporters. "(He) will be there forever." Credit: RTV
Evacuated neighbours in Tampa have been briefly allowed back into their homes to recover valuables. Credit: RTV
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