Venezuela told: Pray for Chavez

Venezuela's vice president has told a televised meeting of ministers that everybody was praying for ailing president Hugo Chavez. His comments came amid speculation that Chavez was suffering from a severe respiratory infection after cancer surgery.

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Chavez supporters attend mass at hospital

A service is held in a chapel close to the military hospital where President Hugo Chavez is being treated Credit: Reuters

Sever dozen supporters of Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez have attended a mass in a chapel in the military hospital in Caracas where the leader is being treated.

Many of those in attendance clutched pictures of the president and shed tears during the service.

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Hugo Chavez 'fighting for his life'

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is clinging to life, according to the country's vice president.

Nicolas Madura said on national TV that, "the commander is fighting for his health, for his life," .

Picture dated October 9, 2012 of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Credit: Carlos Hernandez/dpa/jg

It is the clearest public indication to date of the severity of the president's condition and comes 10 days after Chavez returned from Cuba where he had received two months of treatment for his most recent bout with cancer.

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