UK's miles of roadworks

Motorists are currently dealing with around 19,000 sets of roadworks across the UK, a freedom of information request has revealed. A survey of drivers found that the average journey was 43 minutes longer because of delays.

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Road maintenance is 'top priority' for motorists

David Bizley from the RAC has told Daybreak that road maintenance is "top priority" when it comes to what drivers want their money spent on.

He added, "local authorities have been catching up with a backlog of maintenance."

A report today found that motorists travel an estimated 240 miles navigating their way around roadworks.

According to a survey, drivers feel roads are not improving, despite seeing an increased number of works.

Quentin Willson: 'Blame Labour' for roadworks

Motoring expert Quentin Willson has blamed the Labour Government for the amount of roadworks currently taking place in the UK.

Speaking to Daybreak he said: "It's not [the Government's] fault, it's the last lot."

He said because Labour cancelled 100 major road building projects, we are "vainly trying to catch up."

Motorists are currently dealing with around 19,000 sets of roadworks across the UK covering 1,434 miles.


Drivers: Britain's roads are 'not improving'

A survey of 1,288 drivers has found that roadworks are adding 43 minutes a week on to the average motorists' journey.

The survey found:

  • More than one third of drivers reported they had seen more road works in their area in the last year
  • Many drivers believed the state of Britain's roads was not improving
  • Over a fifth of people said highway repairs had made the quality of the roads worse, with two thirds reckoning road quality in general was declining
  • Nearly a third of drivers said they had been caught up in roadworks where there was no advance notice of the work taking place

Norman Baker 'understands' roadwork frustrations

Local transport minister Norman Baker has agreed that he "understands the frustration" of passengers sitting in traffic jams because of road works. He said:

That is why we have made it easier for councils to co-ordinate and manage roadworks and dramatically increased the charges for companies who do not finish work on time. We are also trialling new lane rental charges to incentivise firms to carry out works outside peak hours, reducing disruption for those using the roads.

– Norman Baker, Local transport minister

Motorists clock up 240 miles bypassing roadworks

A Freedom of Information Act request has revealed that motorists are clocking up almost 240 miles a year in their efforts to bypass roadworks.

Councils with a high number of works in their area were:

  • Essex County Council with 6,000
  • East Riding of Yorkshire Council with 2,066
  • Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council in Yorkshire with 1,815

Councils with some of the longest stretches of roadworks in terms of miles were:

  • Cumbria County Council (217 miles)
  • Oxford City Council (207 miles)

'19,000' sets of roadworks on UK roads

Motorists are currently dealing with around 19,000 sets of roadworks, a breakdown company has revealed.

The distance covered by the works, stretch to almost twice the journey between Land's End and John O'Groats, 1,434 miles.

Some councils have thousands of roadwork schemes on the go, a Freedom of Information Act has revealed Credit: Clara Molden/PA Wire

A Freedom of Information Act from Britannia Rescue has found that in the last five years there have been more than two million roadworks projects started on UK roads.

Figures came from data from more than 80 British local authorities.


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