Delhi gang rape suspect dead

One of six people accused of the gang rape and murder of a student in the Indian capital Delhi has been found hanged in his jail cell, police have said. Ram Singh was driving the bus on which the attack happened. He had denied the charges.

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'Ram Singh was murdered' says father

Ram Singh's father has expressed doubt on the official version of events that led to his death in prison.

Mange Lal Singh said:

He confessed about his mistake, then why would he commit suicide? He was prepared for any punishment the government would have given him.

Ram Singh did not commit suicide, he was murdered. He was first murdered and then his clothes were torn off to hang his corpse in his cell.

– Mange Lal Singh


  1. Sanjay Jha - ITV News India producer

Accused was due to appear in court today

Ram Singh was to appear before a fast track court on Monday in Saket, south Delhi, which is hearing the gang rape case.

Jail officials said that Singh, 33, was to be woken up by 5.30am to be taken to Saket Court.

The guard spotted him this morning.

All the five accused lodged in Delhi’s high-security Tihar Prison had been moved to isolated cells after being subjected to taunting and ill-treatment by other inmates of the jail.

The accused had also said they had been threatened by other convicts.

Victim's brother: Suspect's suicide 'seems unfair'

Ram Singh's lawyer, V.K. Anand, confirmed to Reuters he had committed suicide, but did not give details.

The 20-year-old brother of the victim told Reuters he was "not very thrilled with the news."

"He knew he was going to die anyway because we had and still have such a strong case against him," he said.

"Him dying on his own terms seems unfair. But, oh well, one is down. Hopefully the rest will wait for their death sentence."


Report: Delhi gang rape accused commits suicide in jail

Three suspects, including Ram Singh, pictured hooded on Indian television in January. Credit: NDTV

One of the men accused in the Delhi gang rape case has committed suicide in jail, according to Indian TV station NDTV.

Ram Singh, who drove the bus involved in the attack on a 23-year-old medical student, was found dead in the early hours of Monday morning, the report said.

Singh was the main accused of five men and a juvenile who were put on trial for the attack on the 23-year-old trainee physiotherapist.

The assault triggered nationwide protests and an intense debate about rampant crime against women in India.

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