Philpott house fire jury out

The judge in the trial of a couple accused of killing their six children in a house fire in Derby has told the jury he will accept a majority verdict. Mairead Philpott, her husband Mick, and a third defendant all deny manslaughter charges.

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Mairead Philpott denies being scared of husband

Court illustration of Mairead Philpott (L) and Mick Philpott (2nd from R) in court Credit: Priscilla Coleman

Mairead Philpott is telling the court how she wanted custody of Lisa Willis' five children. "I was more of a mother to those children than their own mother was," she says.

When asked if she was scared of her husband, Mick Philpott, Mairead relies: "No. I wasn't."

She says she does not remember how many times Mick went up the ladder to try to rescue his children: "I don't know. I was hysterical."

Mairead Philpott denies concocting 'story' with husband

Under cross-examination, Mairead Philpott denies that she and her husband Mick concocted a story.

When asked what Mick Philpott meant when he allegedly whispered to her in a police van "we're sticking to the story," Mairead replies: "There was no story".

She says it was about not wanting to tell police about having had sex with co-defendant Paul Mosley shortly before the fire at her home.

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Mairead Philpott says it is 'possible' her husband lit fire

Mairead Philpott tells prosecutor Richard Latham QC that it is "possible" her husband Mick got out of bed to light the fire.

She agrees with him that there was no mention of this in her defence case statement.

Mr Latham asks why she would say nothing of this in her interview if she was innocent. Mairead says she was following advice.


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Mairead Philpott says she never wanted to take revenge on Lisa Willis

Mairead Philpott tells a jury that she and her husband Mick were confident of winning a court case for residency of Lisa Willis' five children.

Ms Willis left the home she shared with Mr and Mrs Philpott in February 2012. Four of her five children were fathered by Mick Philpott.

Mairead Philpott tells a jury neither she or Mick Philpott ever had any desire to hurt or take revenge on Mr Philpott's ex-mistress Lisa Willis.

Mairead Philpott continues giving evidence

Mairead Philpott is continuing to give evidence in the Derby house fire trial. Yesterday she told the court:

  • She had no part in lighting the fire and would never harm her children
  • She started having extra-marital sex before Christmas; her husband Mick encouraged this
  • She felt suicidal when her husband's girlfriend, Lisa Willis, left the family home
  • She woke up to find the house engulfed in flames
  • Hearing the news that five of her children perished in the fire felt "like my insides had been ripped out," she said
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