Philpott house fire jury out

The judge in the trial of a couple accused of killing their six children in a house fire in Derby has told the jury he will accept a majority verdict. Mairead Philpott, her husband Mick, and a third defendant all deny manslaughter charges.

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Mairead Philpott: My children are still alive to me

Mairead Philpott (2nd from L) in court today with husband Mick Philpott seated behind Credit: Priscilla Coleman

Asked why she spoke of her children as though they were still alive, Mairead Philpott replied: "My children are still alive to me".

She said she did not enjoy the enormous media attention following the house fire and she denied encouraging it.

Asked once more whether she had anything whatsoever to do with the deaths of her children, he replied "no".


Hearing of deaths felt like 'insides had been ripped out'

Mairead Philpott tells the court that as far as she was concerned her children were "in the three bedrooms".

She says she was "hysterical" at the time of the fire and does not remember getting into the ambulance or being at the hospital up until the point a doctor told her "the children had passed away".

Asked whether she was able to describe what it felt like to be told that five of her children had died, she replied: "It's like my insides had been ripped out".

Mairead Philpott: I woke up to the fire

"I woke up to the fire," Mairead Philpott is telling a jury at Nottingham Crown Court.

She said she was naked at the time and first appreciated there was a fire in the house when her husband Mick opened the door and flames came through it.

She said she was trying to get dressed as she called 999.

Mairead Philpott speaks of leaving suicide notes

Mairead Philpott is telling the court that she tried to take her own life after her husband's girlfriend, Lisa Willis, left the family home.

"I thought if I was gone then everybody else would be happy," she said.

She also confirmed that she wrote the suicide notes and that they reflected what she was thinking at the time, but denied that she would contemplate killing her children at the same time as herself.

Mairead and children 'heartbroken' when Lisa Willis left

Mairead Philpott has said she was stunned when Lisa Willis left Mick Philpott and the family home with her five children.

Asked at Nottingham Crown Court: "On a scale of 1-10 how surprised were you that Lisa left?" Mairead replied: "10".

Mairead Philpott said she and her own six children were left distraught and "heartbroken" by the group's departure in February 2012.

She told the jury her children often went to bed crying, had nightmares, and some even wet their beds after they left.


Mairead Philpott describes children who died in fire

Court illustration of Mairead Philpott giving evidence in court today Credit: Priscilla Coleman

Mairead Philpott is describing each of the children who perished in the fire at her home in Derby.

Her eldest, Duwayne, was the "quiet caring one". Jade was the "princess" and John the "comedian" while her nickname for Jack was "blue-eyed baby boy".

Jessie was known as the "Irish stamper" because he used to stomp around.

Jayden was a miracle baby because he had been born six weeks premature.

Mick Philpott 'encouraged' wife to sleep with other men

Mairead Philpott tells the court that she started having sex with other men before Christmas.

She says Mick was always present and that he would encourage it and agreed he would get involved.

On the night of the fire, Mairead says she had sex with fellow defendant Paul Mosely - something Mick would "encourage and join in" with.

This had taken place before the fire and Mairead said she felt "disgusted" afterwards, but that she did it to make Mick happy.

She says she was "really hurt" when Mick asked her for a divorce, but that she never thought about leaving.

Mairead Philpott: 'For us it was a happy family'

Mairead Philpott is telling the court that many people describe her relationship with husband Mick as "unconventional" but that "for us it was a happy family".

She says she described Mick as her "guardian angel" when he arrived in her life. She said he "cared for me and loved me and made me feel safe".

Mairead says she was "scared" of losing Mick when his girlfriend Lisa Willis came on the scene.

She added that their family had grown for "love" and not for the benefits.

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