Council to scrap apostrophes

Councillors in Devon are considering banning apostrophes from street signs because of the "potential confusion" that they may cause.

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Apostrophes to be used on street signs again after ban

Apostrophes are set to be used on council street signs again. Credit: David Jones/PA Archive

The leader of Mid Devon Council said he would recommend the change to the ruling cabinet so the punctuation would be used on the council's street signs.

Councillor Peter Hare-Scott said: "The convention not to use apostrophes when naming new streets has been in place since long before this administration took over.

"Personally I'm not happy about using English that's incorrect and don't find this acceptable."

'England's apostrophes should be cherished'

A spokesman from the Department for Communities and Local Government has commented on Mid Devon District Council's proposed policy of removing apostrophes from all their street signs.

The spokesman said: "Whilst this is ultimately a matter for the local council, ministers' view is that England's apostrophes should be cherished."


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