Duo guilty of singer murder plot

Two men have been found guilty of conspiring to rob and murder the soul singer Joss Stone. Kevin Liverpool, 35, and Junior Bradshaw, 32, were arrested near her home in 2011.

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  1. Emily Morgan - ITV News Correspondent

Joss Stone asked about attending royal wedding

Joss Stone, wearing a white silk shirt and black skirt, is asked about being invited to the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

She confirms that she attended the wedding because she had performed for them in the past.

Joss Stone is seen with Prince William and Prince Harry at a concert in memory of Princess Diana in 2007 Credit: CARL DE SOUZA/PA Archive/Press Association Images


  1. Emily Morgan - ITV News Correspondent

Prosecution reads out text messages in Joss Stone trial

The prosecution in the trial of Kevin Liverpool, 35, and Junior Bradshaw, 32, is reading a series of text messages sent from Liverpool to someone called Junior Judge. Two of the messages read:

I'm looking to take out Jocelyn [Joss Stone's real name] now and set it off ... Let's do this thing, make a move.

Make the move on Tuesday morning. I want the soldiers here by 1230. I want you to make the move. Make sure you get that car.

Kevin Liverpool and Junior Bradshaw, both of St Stephens Close in Manchester, stand accused of conspiring to rob, murder and commit grievous bodily harm against Joss Stone.

Both deny all the charges.

Defendants 'part of group that plotted to kill Joss Stone'

The prosecutor has told the jury that they must decide whether the two defendants are part of a wider conspiracy to "rob and kill Joss Stone".

"This case is about a decision by a group of individuals, of which these defendants are two," Simon Morgan QC said. "Your job will be to determine whether you think these two are part of a plot."

Court drawing of Kevin Liverpool (L) and Junior Bradshaw in the dock at Exeter Crown Court Credit: Elizabeth Cook/PA Wire

He said that an "offence is committed as soon as the agreement is reached," and that the two defendants acted on the plan.

"They got a car, they collected their weapons of choice, and they made their way from Manchester to a short distance from Joss Stone's house," he said.

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