Becks 'proud' to be China envoy

David Beckham has said he is "very proud and thankful" to be an ambassador for Chinese football. The Paris Saint-German veteran is in China for a five-day, three-city visit in his capacity as ambassador to the country's main league.

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Beckham has no plans to retire despite new China role

David Beckham, on tour in China in his new role as an ambassador to the country's football league, has said he plans to keep on playing professionally when his contract with Paris Saint-Germain runs out at the end of the season.

Speaking during an interview on Chinese football programme Soccer Night, the 37-year-old said he has no retirement plans but is looking forward to educating the country's parents and children in his new capacity.

China football role will benefit brand Beckham

David Beckham received a big welcome in Beijing where he is promoting Chinese football - which has been marred by scandals and corruption.

The Paris Saint-Germain midfielder told ITV News that his reputation would not be damaged by being associated with football in the country and said he was there "for the future" not the past.

The former England captain, who would not confirm whether he was being paid for his work as an ambassador, did admit that his new role would be beneficial for brand Beckham.

Victoria Beckham's clothing designs are already on sale in Beijing shops and fashion journalist Alice McInerney told ITV News the footballer's role would only help the couple "reinforce" their brand in the country.

ITV News' China Correspondent Angus Walker reports:


David Beckham fans plead to see him

Note from young woman pleading to be allowed in to see David Beckham as he plays football at a school in Beijing. Credit: Angus Walker/ITV News
A David Beckham fan pleads to be allowed in to see him as he plays football at a school in Beijing Credit: Angus Walker/ITV News
Preparations for a press conference with David Beckham. Credit: Angus Walker/ITV News

Beckham 'proud' to be football ambassador for China

David Beckham shakes hands with Chinese primary school students after he arrives at an airport in Beijing. Credit: Reuters

David Beckham told a news conference in China: "I'm very proud to be an ambassador and help the game here from the very young ages up to the professional level.

"I'm very proud and thankful for this opportunity and I look forward to being part of this project."


Beckham visits school in Beijing on four-day tour

Former England captain David Beckham has arrived in Beijing and begun his four-day tour of China.

David Beckham is on a four day tour of China. Credit: CCTV

The Paris Saint-Germain midfielder is China's first global football ambassador and his role includes helping to raise the profile of the Chinese Super League.

He visited a school in the Chinese capital. Credit: CCTV

The 37-year-old visited a school in the Chinese capital and took questions at a news conference.

He is acting as an ambassador for the Chinese Super League. Credit: CCTV
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