Three dead in Marine stand-off

Three people are dead following a shooting and subsequent stand-off at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia, the US military has said. The suspect in understood to have died from a "self-inflicted wound".

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Three Marines dead after military base shooting

Three people killed in a shooting at a US military base were Marines, a spokesman has said.

The incident at the Quantico Marine Base in Virginia began with a shooting at about 11 pm on Thursday that left one dead, said Lt. Agustin Solivan. That shooting lead to a stand-off between authorities and the suspect, who was barricaded in barracks at the base.

Marine Base Quantico in Virgina where the shooting took place. Credit: Marine Base Quantico

Authorities entered the barracks early on Friday and found the suspect dead of a "self-inflicted gunshot wound," along with a second victim.

No names were immediately released but the spokesman said the suspect and both victims were Marines. Authorities believe the suspect was a staff member at the officer candidate school at the base.

The base, which is about 37 miles south of Washington, is also home to the FBI's training academy.


Stand-off with suspect following US base shooting

Authorities are in a stand-off with a suspect at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia following a fatal shooting.

Lt. Agustin Solivan said the shooting happened at about 11pm local time on Thursday.

He added that he believes the suspect is a staff member at the officer candidate school at the base. No information about the victim has been released.

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