PM crackdown on immigration

Immigrants face tougher curbs on unemployment benefits and access to the health service, under a crackdown unveiled by the Prime Minister.

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  1. Tom Bradby

Focus on immigration seems to run against the facts

Of all the problems afflicting the Government, a cursory glance would suggest that immigration wouldn't be one of the biggest.

David Cameron said he wants to end the 'something-for-nothing culture' - but all the evidence suggests that immigrants don't come here expecting something for nothing.

Rates of unemployment and benefit claimants run at far lower in percentage terms with immigrants than they do compared with people who were born and brought up in Britain.

But the impact of Ukip has been substantial and people are voting for them - partly because they're concerned about immigration.

Are people ignorant of the facts? Or do they know them, and just take a different view than that cursory glance would suggest?

David Cameron's Government is certainly veering toward that second view.

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