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Victims of crime will be able to hold the criminal justice system to account under proposals for a new code of practice backed by law, the Government announced today.

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Counselling for crime victims will 'never be perfect'

The son of a woman who was abused by a choirmaster as a teenager and took her own life said it is important to remember that counselling will "never be perfect".

Speaking about new proposals for a new code of practice for crime victims, Oliver Andrade said "trauma doesn't end at the end of a trial", he added, "it can be with people their whole life."

Oliver's mother Frances took her own life a week after giving evidence against choirmaster Michael Brewer.

Government: Revamp of Victims' Code is 'main priority'

Victims' Minister Helen Grant said victims need more help "navigating a confusing and often intimidating criminal justice system."

A new Victims Code to be announced by the Government today will ensure victims of the most serious crime receive extra help and support including pre-trial counselling.

Helen Grant MP Credit: Yui Mok/PA Archive

Ms Grant added: "I have always been clear we must put a stop to this, and make sure victims of crime are treated with the care they deserve. This total revamp of the Victims Code has been one of my main priorities and I have heard from victims just how important getting this right is."


Victim Support: Victims could 'fall through the cracks'

Charities are warning that crime victims will no longer be referred to victims' services under new plans proposed today by the Government.

Currently, all victims are offered support once they experience a crime, but 80 per cent of them do not take it up.

Instead, automatic help will now be offered by the Ministry of Justice to those who "most need it".

Being a victim of crime can be traumatic and we're worried that victims will fall through the cracks. We hope that police and crime commissioners, with their responsibilities for victims, will want to go further than this to ensure that all victims have the support they need, when they need it.

– Javed Khan, Victim Support chief executive

Victims of crime to hold the justice system to account

The Government will announce today, that under new proposals backed by the law, victims of crime will be able to hold the criminal justice system to account.

The Victims' Code, as it will be known, tells people what they can expect from the moment a crime is reported to the end of the trial.

Support for crime victims under new guidelines Credit: Dave Cheskin/PA Wire

The Ministry of Justice said they will be advised on who to contact for help if it is not provided.

Extra support for victims of the most serious crimes will be offered, along with specialist support for younger victims.

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