Chancellor's car in disabled bay

The Chancellor George Osborne has been photographed getting into his security car which was parked in a disabled bay at a service station on the M4. Treasury sources insist he did not know where it was parked when he got back into it.


Shadow Welsh Secretary brands Osborne 'arrogant'

Shadow Secretary of State for Wales Owen Smith has branded Chancellor George Osborne as 'arrogant' after he was photographed getting into his car at a service station, which was parked in a disabled bay:


Osborne's arrogant use of a disabled bay was in Magor. Did he think he had feudal rights to them in Wales? See my thoughts in tomo's Mirror.

Onlooker on Osborne car: 'I couldn't believe my eyes'

George Osborne has been photographed getting into a chauffeur-driven car parked in a disabled bay at a motorway service station.

The Daily Mirror has published the photograph, which shows the Chancelllor getting into the Land Rover at Magnor Services, near Newport, Gwent on Wednesday.

Chancellor George Osborne. Credit: Press Assocation

One onlooker told the newspaper: “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw his driver pull into the disabled parking bay.

"It’s not as if they were in a rush to move. The car park wasn’t exactly full and there were plenty of other, ordinary spaces.”

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Osborne 'didn't realise his car was illegally parked'

by - Former Political Correspondent
Friday's Daily Mirror front page Credit: Daily Mirror

There is an embarrassing headline for the Chancellor tomorrow - the Daily Mirror has a photo of him getting into a vehicle which is parked in a disabled bay.

A Treasury source tells me it happened yesterday.

He had been dropped off outside a motorway service station to get some lunch.

But the driver of the car had then parked in a disabled bay, so when Mr Osborne got back in he did not realise it was illegally parked.

I also understand it was a police vehicle.