Clegg to attack Tories' spending

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is expected to claim the Conservatives waste taxpayers' money today as he launches the Liberal Democrats' local election campaign.

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Clegg to renew Lib Dems' mansion tax pledge

Nick Clegg will today claim the Government has "asked for a bit more from those who can afford it" and will pledge to continue to fight for the introduction of a mansion tax.

We've increased capital gains tax; introduced a higher rate of stamp duty and a £12.5 billion banking levy; we've closed loopholes and capped tax relief to stop the very rich from gaming the system. And the Liberal Democrats will continue to argue for our mansion tax.

– Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg: 'Same thing' to vote for Tory or Labour

As the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg launches the Liberal Democrat party's local election campaign today, he will lump both Labour and the Tories together as he attacks their track record.

Despite all their stated differences, a vote for Labour or the Tories will be a vote for the same thing.

Their record in local government shows that even when millions of families are feeling the pinch, they'll both squander taxpayers' money on waste, inefficiency and their own vanity projects.

A vote for the Liberal Democrats, on the other hand, is a vote for a party which - wherever we're in power - does its best to spread the burden of austerity fairly, investing in jobs and help for hard-pressed families.


Clegg to speak out against Tory 'vanity projects'

An attack on the Conservative party will be launched by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg today, as he claims they squander taxpayers' money on vanity projects.

Launching the Liberal Democrat party's local election campaign, he will claim the Tories, along with Labour, have a record in local government of waste and inefficiency.

Deputy Prime Minister and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg Credit: : Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

Mr Clegg will tell voters: "Difficult decisions will need to be made in local government, just as in national government, and people understand that.

"But they - rightly - expect that their representatives should make the fairest possible decisions."

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