Cameron leads Thatcher tributes

In the Commons, recalled in special session to mark Thatcher's death, David Cameron led the tributes from MPs to "an extraordinary leader and an extraordinary woman".

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Thatcher Commons tributes give 'compelling testimony'

Concluding the contributions, Leader of the House of Commons Andrew Lansley said:

The tributes to Margaret Thatcher in this House give a compelling testimony to her remarkable character and achievements.

She was a radical, she was a reformer and her achievements were the result of turning that conviction into a determination to achieve change.

It was clear from so many contributions on this side of the House that we understand that she steered this country out of decline and hopelessness from being the sick man of Europe to international respect, to admiration then even to be emulated. She transformed this country.


Labour MP: Thatcher showed 'brutal contempt' to many

Labour MP David Winnick drew sharp criticism from members of the Conservative benches after accusing Thatcher of treating millions with "brutal contempt."

In a special sitting of the House of Commons to pay tribute to the Baroness who died in the Ritz on Monday, he said it would be hypocritical not to point out the "human cost" of her policies and the immense pain and suffering they caused.

Norman Tebbit pays emotional tribute to Thatcher

Thatcher's former cabinet minister Norman Tebbit paid an emotional tribute to his old boss and friend in the House of Commons today.

He spoke movingly of the support she provided his family after he and his wife were injured in an IRA bomb attack at the Grand Hotel in Brighton. He praised her courage and popularity, and reflected on her demise, saying:

"I left her, I fear at the mercy of her friends, that I do regret."


Miliband: Thatcher was 'unique and towering'

Labour leader Ed Miliband described Margaret Thatcher as a "unique and towering figure" who "defined her age" during a warm tribute in the House of Commons. Speaking in front of busy, but not packed, Labour benches he said:

"Whatever your view of her, Margaret Thatcher was a unique and towering figure.

"I disagreed with much of what she did but I respect what her death means for many, many people who admired her and I honour her personal achievements.

"Today we also remember a prime minister who defined her age."

Labour MP: Thatcher caused 'pain and suffering'

Labour MP David Winnick

MP David Winnick criticised the "human cost" of Thatcher's policies, and said MPs should be free to criticise her time in government.

The veteran Labour MP, who was first elected to parliament in 1966 said it would be hypocritical for him not to voice his thoughts on the "brutal contempt" with which she treated "millions of working people." In an impassioned speech in the House of Commons he said:

"What was done under her premiership, the way in which the policies that have been praised here today were carried out, in my view, and indeed the view of these benches at the time, were highly damaging and caused immense pain and suffering to ordinary people."

Paddy Ashdown: Thatcher greatest PM of our age

Former leader of the Liberal Democrats Paddy Ashdown paid a thoughtful tribute to Baroness Thatcher in the House of Lords this afternoon, giving personal anecdotes about their relationship and praising the former prime minister as "the greatest of our age." He said:

"If politics is defined, and I think it can be, by principles, the courage to hold to them, and the ability to drive them through with success, then she was without a doubt the commanding politician and the greatest prime minister of our age."

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