New Boston suspects' images

The FBI has released two fresh images of two possible suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings.

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Boston Mayor: 'Nothing can defeat heart of this city'

Boston Mayor Tom Menino addresses Boston memorial service at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.

The Mayor of Boston told an interfaith memorial service for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing that "nothing can defeat the heart of this city".

Tom Menino told the service: "We have never loved the people of the world and our great country more, for their prayers and their wishes."

He added: "This is Boston - a city with courage, compassion, and strength that knows no bounds".


City still hurting as investigators hunt 'person of interest'

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Video and photographs taken at the scene have led investigators to a number of 'people of interest' but in particular one young man wearing a baseball cap and seen carrying a bag and then dropping it off at the site of one of the explosions.

He is also seen talking on a mobile phone and investigators are now tracing those phone records to see if they can identify him.

They are also using computer facial recognition technology to see if his face matches any face on criminal records.

They are scouring rooftops, scouring parks we saw yesterday an inch by inch, painstaking surge of a huge crime scene around around.

But they are talking about a significant breakthrough.

People in this city still on edge still hurting.


First Lady expresses condolences for Boston attack

Michelle Obama has expressed her condolences for the attack in Boston during a speech at the US Naval Academy. Earlier it was announced the First Lady will accompany her husband on a visit to the city tomorrow.

Michelle Obama has expressed her condolences following the Boston bombings. Credit: EBU

She said: "Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Boston. My husband continues to monitor the situation and he has directed the full resources of the federal government to assist state and local authorities as they investigate this horrific attack.

"And what happened on Monday was a reminder that in times of crisis, here in America we respond with courage and grit and selflessness.

"That's exactly what we saw from the people of Boston and from all of those who rushed to aid the victims, especially the police officers and fire fighters, the first responders, our men and women in uniform. That is the spirit of Boston, but that is also the spirit of this country."

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