New Boston suspects' images

The FBI has released two fresh images of two possible suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings.

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John Kerry emotional as he comments on bombings

US Secretary of State John Kerry became emotional today as he told congress that a friend's granddaughter is at risk of losing both of her legs following the Boston bombings:

He also told members: "It's impossible for me to express my sadness and my anger...over those terrible events. It's hard to believe a Patriots' Day holiday, which is normally a time of festivities, turned into bloody mayhem."

He added: "But we're going to find out who did this.The police work being done is extraordinary. The FBI is remarkable. There's a great deal of forensic evidence. We're hopeful that we can bring people to justice."

Report: Photo appears to show bag before Boston blast

A Boston-based TV station, 7News, has released a photograph that appears to show a bag at the centre of one of the explosions in the city.

In the first image, a white bag can be seen by the side of the road:

The white bag is highlighted in this image of Boylston Street in Boston Credit: 7News

The second image, taken some time after the blast, the bag is no long visible and debris litters the immediate vicinity. It has been blurred because of the graphic content.

The photographer who sent in the images said they were taken an hour or more apart.

Image of the same section of Boylston Street taken after the blast Credit: 7News

According to the station, another series of images sent in by a viewer appear to show a man "fleeing from the scene" immediately following the blast.


Surgeon: Embedded fragments contain range of materials

A surgeon has said that the fragments found embedded in people injured in the Boston Marathon explosions are made from a range of materials including metal, plastic and wood.

Dr Peter Burke, the Chief of Trauma Services at Boston Medical Centre, told reporters that 19 patients remain at the hospital and that their injuries were mostly related to shrapnel from the blasts affecting their "lower extremities".

Those injured in the twin explosions were taken to several hospitals, of which the Boston Medical Centre is one.

Report: Pressure cooker lid found near scene of bombing

Federal investigators have discovered the lid to a pressure cooker which they believe was used in the Boston Marathon bombings on the roof of a nearby building, CNN reports.

The article cites a "federal law enforcement source with first-hand knowledge of the investigation".

FBI images appear to show the remains of a pressure cooker Credit: Reuters

Boston TV station 7 News claims to have identified a bag left by the side of the road just before the blast in video footage. Before and after shots suggest that the bag was positioned at the centre of one of the blasts.

The images have been passed on to investigators.

Family Guy episode pulled over Boston Marathon scene

An episode of US cartoon Family Guy that depicts mass deaths at the Boston Marathon has been pulled from websites and will not air in the near future, the Associated Press reports.

The episode features the main character Peter Griffin having a flashback to the marathon in which he is driving towards the finish line, mowing down other runners.

Fox spokeswoman Gaude Paez is cited saying that the episode has been removed from websites and and that there are no plans to air it again soon.

The show's creator, Seth MacFarlane, also tweeted his disgust at a You Tube clip in which the scene is edited with another in which Griffin uses his mobile phone to accidentally trigger explosions:

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