Finding UK and Irish survivors

There are sites to help find the 374 British and 108 Irish runners that were expected to have taken part in the Boston Marathon. There is also a phone number for concerned relatives to call from the UK: 00 1 617 635 4500.

Live updates

UK Foreign Office hotline numbers remain open 24/7

The head of crisis management department at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has said a hotline number will remain open 24/7 to callers in the UK who are seeking information on loved ones in relation to the Boston bombings.

The main FCO number is 020 7008 1500.


British witness: Boston is 'such a soft target'

Runner Darren Foy, 40, from Southampton and his wife Sandra and their two children missed the explosions by just 30 minutes after he finished the marathon in three and half hours.

Speaking from the city, the chartered surveyor said:

We were on our way home when we heard something had happened and I was getting messages like 'are you Ok?' which I never get. It's all quite shocking really.

We got home and we looked at the BBC online and saw there had been explosions but we are OK because I finished in three and a half hours and we were on the bus when it happened.

We are staying five miles outside and I'm not intending to go back into the city for a few days.

It's such a soft target. There are hundreds of thousands spectators on the streets and 27,000 runners, so we got off lightly.

Brit describes moment they heard Boston explosions

Jez Hughes, a firefighter from Morley, West Yorkshire, had completed the marathon and was walking to the subway with his wife when they heard two explosions.

He had been standing only 100 yards from the finish line with other competitors but walked around the corner to meet his wife.

I had already finished and a few of us had congregated 100 yards past the finish line.

I was waiting for my wife as I had asked her to meet me there but she was in the family area.

Fortunately for me I went round the corner there to meet her.

While we were going to the subway we heard two explosions. I said straight away that sounds like a bomb and then we heard a second one.

We were a couple of blocks out of the way so it did not affect us.

This is my tenth marathon but this is my first time in the USA. I'm watching the aftermath on the TV now, which is a bit surreal to be honest.

My wife is very shook up.

Our condolences go out to those who have lost loved ones.


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