Police boost ahead of marathon

The number of police officers on duty for the London Marathon has been boosted by 40% to provide reassurance in the wake of the atrocities in Boston according to Scotland Yard.

London Marathon boss: 'Security will be reviewed'

The chief executive of the London Marathon said security for Sunday's race will be reviewed with the Met Police in light of the explosions in Boston.

Nick Bitel said that as more information as to what actually happened in Boston comes in, race organisers and police will adjust security to meet any "threat assessment".

Mr Bitel said: "The London Marathon has a security plan which is developed in conjunction with Metropolitan Police.

"As soon as this new broke we were in contact with our colleagues from the Met, and we will be reviewing our security in the coming days, in the light of what has happened in Boston, and as more information comes out of that city as to what has actually occurred.

"I don't want to talk about specifics of what security we have had in the past, or will have on Sunday. All I can say is that it will be of an appropriate level to meet whatever threat assessment is made, in conjunction with the Met police."


London Marathon: 'Deeply saddened and shocked'

We are deeply saddened and shocked by the news from Boston. Our immediate thoughts are with the people there and their families.

It is a very sad day for athletics and for our friends and colleagues in marathon running.Our security plan is developed jointly with the Metropolitan Police and we were in contact with them as soon as we heard the news.

– London Marathon Chief Executive Nick Bitel
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