Britain reflects on Thatcher

People across the country have been paying tributes and protesting following the funeral of Margaret Thatcher.

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Miner: 'End of an era for person who destroyed our coal mines'

Hundreds of ex-miners will gather in an old pit village to mark the death of Baroness Thatcher as well as the end of mining in the town.

The event will take place at a club in Easington Colliery, County Durham to mark the 20th anniversary of the pit's closure.

Durham Miners Association (DMA) general secretary David Hopper said that at a meeting in the last days of the North East coal industry, a unanimous agreement was made to hold the celebration.

Durham Miners say their event was organised before Margaret Thatcher's death. Credit: Scott Heppell/PA Wire

He said: "It's the end of an era for the person who destroyed our coal mines.

"We are recognising that the perpetrator of all this evil has gone and thankfully she will not be coming back."

But this week the DMA distanced itself from accusations it is holding a death party by saying the event had been organised four weeks before Lady Thatcher died.

DMA secretary Alan Cummings told the Sunderland Echo: "It's a day for the lads and some of their families to get together and look back over the time they worked at the pit. Anything else that might be happening that day is purely coincidental."

Margaret Thatcher Glasgow protest plans

A rally to remember the "industries and communities who suffered" under Baroness Thatcher will take place within hours of the former prime minister's funeral.First Minister Alex Salmond will attend the funeral at St Paul's Cathedral along with other leading politicians and international figures.

Revellers spray a bottle of champagne on day Baroness Thatcher died at George Square in Glasgow. Credit: Reuters

But while the service in London will commemorate the life of the former Tory leader some of those who opposed her will hold a rally in Glasgow.As prime minister, the then Mrs Thatcher introduced the community charge, known as the poll tax, to Scotland before the rest of the UK.

Prominent left-winger Tommy Sheridan, a former MSP, who helped lead the protests against the poll tax in Scotland, will speak at the Glasgow rally alongside trade unionists, representatives of the steel industry and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

Last week more than 300 people gathered in the Glasgow square to celebrate the death of Baroness Thatcher.


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'Iron Lady' memorabilia surrounds funeral viewers

People of Grantham, Baroness Thatcher's hometown, are gathering in the museum to watch the funeral and pay their respects to the 'Iron Lady' today.

Those paying their last respects will be surrounded by memorabilia donated by the former Prime Minister herself.

'To Grantham Museum' a signed copy of Margaret Thatcher's The Downing Street Years Credit: Grantham Museum

Items donated include a signed copy of her book 'Margaret Thatcher, The Downing Years', a blue suit-dress worn in the eighties and also a pair of blue high heeled shoes.

A fitting colour for Lady Thatcher, she donated these shoes after wearing them in 1985 Credit: Grantham Museum

Helen Goral Chairman of Grantham Museum said it is fitting for people to view the funeral from Grantham:

"As the museum is in her home town we think it is a fitting tribute for people to view the funeral from here. Local members of the community and further afield can come here to pay their respects."

Lady in blue, a suit donated by the former Prime Minister to the museum is on display Credit: Grantham Museum

The Chairman added: "The museum doors will open at 9.00 am today so people can pay tribute and support the museum in doing so."

Helen Goral says they are expecting considerable numbers if the condolence book is anything to go by which they estimate received around 1,500 messages of condolence.

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Grantham soldier is bearer for Lady Thatcher's funeral

The photo shows bearers in a full dress rehearsal on the steps of St Paul's the other day Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire/Press Association Images

A soldier from Lady Thatcher's home-town of Grantham is one of eight servicemen to have been named as bearers for her funeral today.

Sergeant Jason Buffham, aged 30, of the 4th Regiment Royal Artillery was announced in the bearer party by the Ministry of Defence.

Pictured the other day during a full dress rehearsal, two cap orderlies will follow the bearers and hold their caps Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The bearer party is made up of eight personnel from all three services, the Army, Navy and RAF, including those who served during the Falklands Campaign.

They will be followed by two cap orderlies who will hold the caps of the eight bearers when they carry Lady Thatcher’s coffin.


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