Boos and applause for Thatcher

Protesters have booed Margaret Thatcher's coffin as it passed through London's streets on the way to St Paul's.

Warm applause from majority along funeral route

The crowds which had gathered for Margaret Thatcher's funeral were quiet in reflection and warm with their applause.

Tens of thousands commemorated her life while only a handful along the route condemned it.

ITV News correspondent Nina Nannar spoke to the people who lined the route of her final journey:

Thatcher's St Paul's funeral passes peacefully

Yorkshire mining town: 'There's no love here for Thatcher'


Thatcher a 'unique politician and a unique woman'

Finchlyey Conservative Party members Ben Harris Quinney and Shawn Dias told ITV News the loss of Thatcher was "huge" for both the party and the country. Speaking to ITV London in the City earlier Shawn Dias said:

"We will never have the never be able to have the momentum that we had with Baroness Thatcher. She was a unique politician and a unique woman and we have lost someone huge."

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Thatcher 'a brilliant woman, a wonderful PM'

Admirers of Margaret Thatcher were in central London today for a range of reasons.

"She was a brilliant woman, a wonderful prime minister," said Gwenda Wilkie.

"She dedicated her whole life to serving her country," said Jacosia Wainwright.

Twenty-one-year-old Lizzie Shepherd, wearing a Conservative Party rosette, told ITV News that Baroness Thatcher was "an idol, a role model, and the reason I'm involved in politics today."

She said she admired Baroness Thatcher's "strength, and the fact that she's completely and utterly fearless."

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Ken Clarke attacks 'tasteless' protests

Conservative MP Ken Clarke hit out at the "childish" protests against Margaret Thatcher today, dismissing the protesters as "adolescents making silly points."

Watch: Protesters chant 'waste of money' at funeral procession

He also defended her ceremonial funeral, telling Sky News:

Being as objective as I can be, she was the first woman prime minister, she was the longest-serving prime minister in modern times... and she changed the country on a scale which no other prime minister came near. She was a huge national personality so I think it was entirely suitable.

As were some of thesupposed celebrations of her death - they were rather tasteless, adolescentsmaking silly points.

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