French embassy attack in Libya

Two guards have been injured following an attack on the French Embassy in the Libyan capital of Libya, Reuters reports.

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Francois Hollande condemns Libya embassy attack

French President Francois Hollande has condemned an attack on the French embassy in Libya as an attack on "all the countries engaged in the fight against terrorism".

Libyan Interior Minister Ashour Shuail (C) inspects the scene near the French embassy in Tripoli, after it was hit by an apparent car bomb Credit: Reuters

The Libyan Interior Minister Ashour Shuail has visited the site of this morning's blast as investigations begin into the cause of the explosion.

Investigations begin into the explosion outside the French embassy Credit: Reuters

French officials have expressed concern about the stability of Libya as they believe that some rebel fighters from Mali may have settled in the country.

People stand in the wreckage of the apparent car bomb outside the French embassy in Tripoli Credit: Reuters

French Foreign Minister: We will not give into terrorism

A damaged car outside the French Embassy in Tripoli Credit: APTN

The French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius says it was very fortunate that not more people were injured in this morning's bomb attack on the country's embassy in Tripoli, Libya.

"This attack could have been complete carnage, but two guards were injured, and they were injured gravely" Mr Fabius said.

"If this had happened a few minutes later when all the staff would have been there, this would have been a horrendous drama".

"This bombing was intended to kill but France will not bend" he continued.

The damaged embassy after the bombing which injured two security guards Credit: APTN


Report: French embassy hit by car bomb in Libya

Two security guards have been injured after an explosion outside the French embassy in Libya, reports Reuters.

Two security guards where injured in the explosion Credit: REUTERS/Ismail Zitouny

A French embassy official told the news agency they believed the device was "a booby trapped car" and that "lots of damage" had been caused to the building.

People stand among debris outside the French embassy after the building was attacked, in Tripoli April 23, 2013. Credit: REUTERS/Ismail Zitouny

Local residents say they heard two explosions early this morning.

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