Miliband defends Balls

Ed Miliband said he will not get rid of Ed Balls despite an ITV News poll which shows voters would rather have David Cameron and George Osborne running the economy.

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Ed Miliband ‘totally against’ general strike

Labour leader Ed Miliband says he is “totally against” the general strike being proposed by the Unite union.

He told ITV News: “I think it’s a terrible idea… I’m totally against a general strike.”

Miliband added: “We are funded by individual levy payers who are trade union members, who support the Labour Party.

“But a general strike is a very bad idea for the country – I’m totally against it, I’m very clear about that.”


Ed Miliband: Wife Justine was 'too cool' for me

Labour leader Ed Miliband said his wife would have been “too cool” for him at school.

The couple visited her old school in Nottingham today and it emerged Justine once jumped out of a window in order to avoid a teacher spotting her with lipstick and that she got detentions for wearing a purple coat instead of the regulation black one.

Asked by ITV News Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship whether he would have spotted Justine had they gone to school together, Miliband said: “I would definitely have locked eyes on her.

“But I think she wouldn’t have had any time for me… [she] was obviously too cool – this is what I now realise.”

Poll: Cameron and Osborne have edge over Opposition

George Osborne has been given a boost by the latest ITV News Index. Credit: PA/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The British public are more likely to trust David Cameron and George Osborne to see the country through the current economic situation than Ed Miliband and Ed Balls, according to the latest ITV News Index.

The poll, carried out by ComRes, found that 33% back the Prime Minister and 21% support the Chancellor – but Miliband rates only at 23% and Ed Balls at 17%.

Also of concern to Labour is that there has been little change in the last year over who people blame most for the current financial crisis.

Some 37% blame the last Labour government while 16% accuse the current Coalition – in May 2012, the figures were 37% and 19%.

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