'27 dead' in Bangladesh clashes

At least 27 people died in clashes between police and Islamist protesters in Bangladesh's capital Dhaka today, the Associated Press reports.

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Death toll in Bangladesh clashes rises to 20

The death toll today from clashes in Bangladesh between police and hardline Islamists has risen to 20, police said, as violence spread from the capital Dhaka to other parts of the country.

Thirteen people died on the outskirts of Dhaka, five were killed in the southeastern city of Chittagong and another two died in Bagerhat in the south.

On Sunday, around 200,000 Islamist supporters marched in Dhaka to press demands for reforms that critics say would amount to the "Talibanisation" of a country that maintains secularism as state policy.

Report: Ten dead in Bangladesh protests

At least ten people are said to have died in violent clashes on the streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh, police and medical officials told CNN.

Hundreds of thousands of Islamists demanding a new blasphemy law blocked highways and fought running battles with police, hundreds injured in the Bangladeshi capital.

Police said about 200,000 people had marched to central Dhaka, where fierce clashes erupted between thousands of rock-throwing protesters and security officials.

Bangladesh police break up Islamist protest

Police in Bangladesh have used stun grenades and rubber bullets to disperse a huge demonstration by Islamist protesters in the capital Dhaka.

Police try to detain an activist of Hefajat-e-Islam during clashes in Dhaka. Credit: Reuters
A police officer throws a piece of brick during the clashes. Credit: Reuters
An armed police vehicle is seen during a clash between activists. Credit: Reuters
Police fire rubber bullets during a clash with activists of Hefajat-e Islam. Credit: Reuters

Violent clashes in Bangladesh capital

Violent clashes continued for more than four hours on the streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh yesterday afternoon as members of Islamist group Hifazat-e-Islam clashed with police.

Police fired rubber bullets into the crowds as Hifazat supporters set cars on fire and threw sticks and bricks. Police said looting continued into the night.

Hifazat-e Islam want the government to pass a new blasphemy law, and is calling for offenders to be tried under Sharia law. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's has said no new law is needed.


Deadly clashes after Islamist protests in Bangladesh

Protesters set fire to cars during clashes. Credit: APTN

At least one person died and several people were injured yesterday in clashes between police and Islamist protesters in Bangladesh.

Police fired rubber bullets to disperse crowds who had been demonstrating in a rally organised by Islamist Hefajat-e-Islam.

Police fired rubber bullets at protesters. Credit: APTN

The protesters want the government to pass stricter laws against blasphemy as they claim internet users are spreading atheism and lies about Islam. Clashes broke out when activists tried to break a police cordon, according to authorities.

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