US kidnap victims' 'hearing loss'

Two of three women imprisoned in a house in the US state of Ohio for a decade have reportedly suffered from severe malnutrition and will require long-term therapy for injuries such as hearing loss and joint and muscle damage.

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Castro 'treated Berry better than two other captives'

Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight were in worse condition than Amanda Berry when they emerged from at least nine years in captivity at the home of Ariel Castro, sources told Reuters.

Castro, accused of their kidnap, appeared to treat Berry better than the other two, the sources added.

Ohio kidnap victim Gina DeJesus arrives, hooded, at her home in Cleveland for the first time since her ordeal. Credit: Reuters

"There is a reason why you have only seen a picture of Amanda (Berry)," said one of the sources, referring to the condition of DeJesus and Knight.

"One of the girls has difficulty moving her head around from being chained up," said one of the sources. The second source identified DeJesus as the woman suffering this injury.

"It was like they were POWs (prisoners of war). They had bed sores from being left in positions for extended lengths of time," a source said.

Ohio kidnap victims 'have long-term injuries'

Two of the women held captive in an Ohio house for almost a decade suffered from severe malnutrition and will require long-term therapy for injuries such as hearing loss and joint and muscle damage, Reuters reported, citing two sources with knowledge of the case.

The house in Cleveland, Ohio, where three women were held captive for almost a decade. Credit: REUTERS/Matt Sullivan

The basement where the women were held had chains attached to the wall and dog leads attached to the ceiling, they claim.

The women were restrained with them and duct tape in "stress positions" for long periods that left them with bed sores and other injuries, according to the unnamed sources.


Brothers of Ohio suspect hope he 'rots in jail'

The two brothers of Ohio kidnapping suspect Ariel Castro have said their consider him to be a "monster" and that they "hope he rots in jail".

The monster [Ariel Catsro] is a goner ... I hope he rots in that jail ... I don't even want them to take his life like that. I want him to suffer in that jail to the last extent. I don't care if they even feed him. What he has done to my life and my family's.

– onil castro

If I knew, I would have reported it. Brother or no brother ... [I would have] grabbed him by the neck [and asked] 'What's up with this man?'

– pedro castro

Ohio suspect's brothers: People think we were involved

Two brothers of Ohio kidnapping suspect Ariel Castro said they fear people will always believe they were involved.

Pedro and Onil Castro were initially arrested as suspects, but investigators determined they had no knowledge of the abductions or that the women were being held captive.

During an interview with CNN, Onil Castro said, "The people out there that know me, they know that Onil Castro is not that person and has nothing to do with that - would never even think of something like that".

Pedro Castro echoed his brothers comments, saying, "If I knew, I would have reported it - brother or no brother".

Longest-held Ohio captive released from hospital

The last of three women who were held captive in the dungeon-like home in Ohio has been discharged from hospital, the MetroHealth Medical Center has announced.

Michelle Knight was a prisoner in the home longer than any of the four victims.

The other two, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus, along with a six-year-old girl, left the hospital earlier this week and have been reunited with their families.

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Ohio captive Michelle Knight thanks public for gifts

Ohio kidnapping victim Michelle Knight, who is still in hospital, has thanked the public for the "outpouring of flowers and gifts" she has received.

MetroHealth Medical Centre in Cleveland, Ohio, said Ms Knight is in good spirits and thankful for the Cleveland Courage Fund, which was created to help the women who were held captive for around a decade.

A statement issued on her behalf urged people to "continue to respect her privacy at this time".

DNA shows Ohio kidnapping suspect fathered girl

DNA tests have confirmed that a man accused of kidnapping and holding captive three teenage girls in Ohio is the father of a six-year-old girl born in captivity, the attorney general said.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said in a statement that "forensic scientists worked throughout the night to confirm that Castro is the father of the six-year-old girl born in captivity to one of the kidnapping victims."

The tests also showed that Ariel Castro, 52, is not connected to any other cases in the state, although the FBI is still checking the sample against national cases.

Ariel Castro's daughter: 'I'm absolutely so sorry'

The daughter of the man accused of imprisoning three women for almost a decade in Cleveland, Ohio, has said she is embarrassed and devastated by her father's alleged actions.

Arlene Castro - who was a friend of one of the women, Gina DeJesus, - told ABC's "Good Morning America" she is extremely sorry for everything

She also broke down in tears and said she would like to see her friend again and wants her to meet her children.

Ariel Castro is charged with four counts of kidnapping, three of rape and the murder of unborn children.

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