Prince Harry thanks America

Prince Harry ended his US tour by thanking the people of America for their "extraordinary generosity". Harry spent his final day playing in his fund-raising Sentebale Polo Cup match.

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Prince Harry thanks America at the end of his tour

Prince Harry has thanked the people of America for their "extraordinary generosity", it comes as the Prince ended his seven day tour in the US.

Prince Harry speaks at the Greenwich Polo Club, Connecticut, USA, prior to the Sentebale Royal Salute Polo Cup Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire

His final day was spent playing in his fund-raising Sentebale Polo Cup match, and is believed to have raised a million dollars (£660,000) to help fund the work of his charity.

(left to right) Michael Carrazza, Malcolm Borwick, Prince Harry and Marc Ganzi, lift the winners trophy Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire

The Prince has been showcased as a modern, hard-working royal, providing a stark contrast to last summer's nude photograph, where he was photographed during a "strip billiards" party in a £5,000-a-night hotel in Las Vegas.

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Prince Harry at the Greenwich Polo Club, Connecticut, USA Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire

Speaking yesterday to the 400 polo guests who helped raise the funds for his Sentebale charity, Harry said: "This is the last day of my tour around the United States. Thank you for a wonderful week.

"I have witnessed the extraordinary generosity of the people of this great nation."

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Sean Lennon: Whole of New York is trying to spot Harry

Sean Lennon: Prince Harry is "well loved" in America Credit: David Jensen/EMPICS Entertainment

Sean Lennon, son of Beatle John Lennon has attended a fundraising dinner with Prince Harry in New York.

Speaking about the Prince's visit he said: "It's great that he is here. He seems to be really enjoying it. But it seems as if the whole city is running around trying to spot him, so I hope he doesn't think New York is always like this. He is well loved here." Prince Harry 'would be Iron Man'

Singer and producer has praised Prince Harry and for his character and legacy.

The Black Eyed Peas star sat at Prince Harry's table at a fundraising event in New York.

Singer and producer said he was a fan of "how Queen Elizabeth raised her children" Credit: Ian West/PA Wire

He said: "He's a party prince, a soldier and a philanthropist. He's a regular guy. If Harry was a movie character he would be Iron Man.

"I grew up watching documentaries about the Royal Family so I am really pleased to be meeting him."

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Prince Harry thanks supporters of Royal Foundation

Prince Harry has spoken at a New York fundraising dinner in aid of US supporters of Prince Harry's Royal Foundation.

Prince Harry speaking at a New York fundraising dinner Credit: Reuters

In his speech the Prince said: "Almost a year ago - on the day before the London Olympics - The Royal Foundation launched Coach Core. This flagship initiative seeks to mentor and train our next generation of truly inspirational young sports coaches.

He added: "We now have pilot schemes running in London and Glasgow in Scotland - and I am delighted to announce that funds raised this evening will support a similar programme to be run in partnership with Harlem RBI here in New York, and potentially others like it."

Harry was sat at a table with senior figures from his charity as well as popstar

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