Pork in school halal burger

Leicester City Council has revealed that halal lamb burgers have been removed from city schools after tests revealed pork in a sample burger.


Doncaster company responds to meat contamination discovery

We have been informed by a customer that a Halal Lamb burger produced by Paragon Quality Foods Ltd has tested positive for the presence of pork.

Paragon Quality Foods Ltd is a pork free site and has never knowingly bought or handled pork.

We have carried out a full traceability of the product in question and have provided this information to the relevant enforcement authorities.

The public analyst at Doncaster Borough Council has conducted unannounced formal sampling of our products on two occasions, with clear results.

– Metin Pekin, Paragon Quality Foods

The company says it is also working with the council to provide all information requested and add that they are satisfied with practices and procedures. They are awaiting the results of further testing.



Muslims "shocked" at halal contamination

The Federation of Muslim Organisations has told ITV Central it is "shocked and distressed" to learn that halal food, contaminated with pork meat, has been supplied to schools in Leicester.

This is a shocking and unacceptable development. As Muslims, we cherish our strict dietary needs, which are well known and have been developed for well over a thousand years. The consumption of pork and alcohol is prohibited for all Muslims.

This recent event will raise an issue of confidence in the Muslim community as to the measures and processes that are put in place that gives assurance of halal meals. All due diligence procedures should be thoroughly reviewed and bolstered where necessary and should include intermittent and random sample testing which should encompass DNA testing.

It is hoped that this will not occur again and the community are now looking to the city council and our elected councillors for this assurance and to rebuild the confidence that has clearly been shaken.

– Suleman Nagdi, Federation of Muslim Organisations

The Federation are also calling for Leicester City Council to take legal action against the company involved under the Food Safety Act.