Cable: EU vote bill 'damaging'

The Lib Dem Business Secretary Vince Cable has criticised Tory backbenchers' moves for an EU referendum Bill, as "just reopening a Pandora's box which potentially is not only damaging to them as a party, but it is damaging to the country."

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Labour whips: 115 Tory & 10 Labour MPs back EU vote

The Labour Whips office estimate that there were around 115 Conservative MPs and 10 Labour MPs voted for an EU referendum:


Commons vote to reject EU Referendum Amendment to Queen's Speech 130 to 277. Majority 147 . Around 115 Tory rebels!


For those asking, think 10 Labour MPs voted for EU Referendum


130 MPs vote in favour of Queen's Speech amendment

An attempt to amend the Queen's Speech to express regret that an EU referendum Bill has not been included in the Government's legislative programme has been voted down in the House of Commons.

There were 277 votes against the motion compared with 130 in favour.

The vast majority of those who voted in favour were expected to be Conservative MPs, although Conservative ministers were forced to abstain.


Voting 'no' to amendment like 'voting against referendum'

Tory MP Peter Bone, one of the proposers of an amendment to the Queen's Speech, has said that MPs who vote against it tonight will effectively be "voting against an EU referendum".

A vote today for the amendment would give the Prime Minister the moral authority to bring in his EU Referendum Bill as a Government measure.

Members of this House should vote for this amendment because it is in the national interest. It is right that after 30 years the British public should have their say on Europe.

– peter bone mp
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