Cable: EU vote bill 'damaging'

The Lib Dem Business Secretary Vince Cable has criticised Tory backbenchers' moves for an EU referendum Bill, as "just reopening a Pandora's box which potentially is not only damaging to them as a party, but it is damaging to the country."

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Voting 'no' to amendment like 'voting against referendum'

Tory MP Peter Bone, one of the proposers of an amendment to the Queen's Speech, has said that MPs who vote against it tonight will effectively be "voting against an EU referendum".

A vote today for the amendment would give the Prime Minister the moral authority to bring in his EU Referendum Bill as a Government measure.

Members of this House should vote for this amendment because it is in the national interest. It is right that after 30 years the British public should have their say on Europe.

– peter bone mp


Dorries considering running on joint Tory-UKIP ticket

The Tory MP Nadine Dorries has said she is considering running on a joint Conservative-UKIP ticket in the next election as a way of helping the "right unite".

A Conservative party spokesman clarified soon after that this was "not going to happen".

Nadine Dorries MP Credit: PA

Dorries told BBC News that she was looking at the possibility of seeking an "endorsement" from UKIP because the two parties "have some synergy" on issues like Europe and gay marriage.

"It's not [about] being adopted by UKIP. It's just seeking UKIP endorsement so that they don't put a candidate up against you at the next election.

"It's really about stopping the Labour Party taking power and keeping hold of good eurosceptic Conservatives in Parliament," she added.

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Tory MP: PM's draft EU bill shows he is listening to party

The Conservative MP John Baron has told ITV News that the Prime Minister's solution of publishing a draft Bill on an EU referendum is "second best", but showed he had been listening to - not following - his party.

Speaking to our Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship, he commended Mr Cameron for "listening" to his party, but urged him to "seize this moment" by passing an amendment to the Queen's Speech that includes a mention of the referendum.


Cameron 'is the weak leader of a divided party'

The Labour Leader Ed Miliband has accused David Cameron of being the leader of a weak and divided party, as the Conservatives split over the issue of Britain's membership of the European Union.

David Cameron and Ed Miliband attend the Queen's speech Credit: Alastair Grant/PA Wire

"What we see today is a Labour Party focused on jobs and living standards and sorting out our economy and a Conservative Party where David Cameron has completely lost control" he said.

"They're arguing amongst themselves about Europe and not sorting out the problems of the country".

"Frankly, this has not just become an issue about Europe, but about David Cameron's weak leadership of his party".

The SNP 'will keep Scotland in Europe'

The Leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party Alex Salmond has told the Scotsman newspaper, that the SNP are the only party offering a way to keep Scotland in the European Union.

Alex Salmond speaking in the Scottish parliament Credit: David Cheskin/PA Wire

The First Minister accused the Conservatives of abandoning Scotland in the pursuit of UKIP voters.

"The unionist case had been undermined now the UK’s own future within the 27-member state was up for grabs" he said. "If people voted Yes to independence next year Scotland would remain within the EU, leaving the rest of the UK to decide for itself".

But Professor Michael Keating a leading political scientist from the University of Aberdeen, has warned that if Scotland were to be independent from the rest of the UK it would "be unable to keep a foot in both camps" especially if the country retained the pound.

Hunt: 'We need to change out relationship with EU'

Jeremy Hunt Credit: Suzanne Plunkett/PA Wire

Speaking on ITV's Daybreak programme the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt put forward his case for why Britain needs to change its relationship with Europe.

"We have to change our relationship with Europe because if we're going to be successful in the global race we have to realise Europe is in the slow lane economically compared to what is happening in Asia or America where the Prime Minister is now."

"So I think what the Prime Minister is doing is saying we've got to change that relationship so that we can be more successful and then we've got to give the British people a choice."

Tory MP: 'New alliances can be built' within Europe

Conservative MP Robert Buckland said that the Tory party is interested in "leading" and showing people that when it comes to a referendum people "will have their say".

Conservative MP Robert Buckland Credit: Daybreak

Speaking to Daybreak he said: "I personally believe that Britain's future is in the EU."

He added: "What I do see is with further engagements with countries like Germany, where we share many aspirations, that new coalitions, new alliances can be built and Britain's influence can only be enhanced."

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