Level crossing inquiry demanded

Transport union the TSSA has called for an inquiry into the way in which level crossing danger is assessed. They say that Network Rail, the Office of Rail Regulation and the Department of Transport have questions to answer.

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Father: Number of level crossing deaths is worrying

The father of a girl who died at a level crossing said that work being carried out to make crossings safer is "encouraging".

Father Chris Bazlington

Speaking to Daybreak Chris Bazlington said: "Network Rail still I don't think are there yet, they're doing a lot more than they were before, and that's encouraging.

He added; "These stories which keep coming out are worrying."

Network Rail: Investing £130m in improvements

A Network Rail spokesperson has responded to calls for an inquiry into the way danger is assessed at level crossings.

We recognise that level crossings can be dangerous which is why over the past two years we have closed over 700 and are investing some £130 million in improvements. By early next year we will have made improvements at some 2,500 of the countrys 6,500 crossings and continue a national public awareness campaign to help educate people about their dangers and how to use them correctly.

– Network Rail spokesperson


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