Starbucks unpaid tax pledge row

Starbucks have told ITV News they have not yet paid any of the millions pounds they promised they would pay to the Government after a row over their tax before Christmas. They say they are "on pay a significant amount of tax."

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Starbucks tax pledge 'was a PR stunt'

As we said at the time of Starbucks announcement, their offer of £20m was simply a PR stunt, days before our protests targeted their stores across the country.

It's not up to companies to pick and choose when, if or how much tax they pay, its up to the government to force them to pay their fair share.

This government is making a political choice to cut legal aid, public services and the welfare state rather than force companies like Starbucks, Google, Amazon or Goldman Sachs to pay up.

– Anna Walker, spokeswoman for UK Uncut


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