Social work targets graduates

Education Secretary Michael Gove has announced the appointment of the first Chief Social Worker for children and families in England, as well as a new fast-track scheme designed to attract top graduates into the profession.

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Two year training programme for graduates

Josh McAllister from Frontline, who will soon be training graduates in social care, said new graduates will undertake a two year programme.

Speaking to Daybreak he said training will begin with a five week summer institute, followed by a year in a local authority, with close supervision.

He said: "People who qualify to be a social worker will have spent more time in practice than any existing route into the profession."


'Frontline' social work fast-track aims at top graduates

Isabelle Trowler, the new Chief Social Worker, speaking to ITV News. Credit: ITV News

Isabelle Trowler, the new Chief Social Worker, has helped design the curriculum for a new Frontline programme for would-be social workers, which begins recruiting this September for fast-track courses starting in 2014.

The first 100 graduates on the course will be given two years' hands-on work at a local authority, alongside further academic study and intensive leadership training, with salaries comparable to those joining the Teach First scheme to attract high-performing students into the classroom.

Mr Gove said: "Good social workers literally save lives; the bad can leave them in ruins.

"I am delighted that Isabelle Trowler has agreed to lead our reform programme; to challenge as well as to champion the profession so that vulnerable children and families are better protected.

"I am also very pleased to announce our support for Frontline, an exciting proposal and a real challenge for the brightest applicants who will have the privilege and satisfaction of helping to improve the lives of the most vulnerable children in the country."

Chief social worker for children appointed

Education Secretary Michael Gove has appointed England's first chief social worker for children, as he spoke about the failure of social services to protect vulnerable underage girls from a paedophile gang in Oxford.

Isabelle Trowler has vowed to improve social care for children, saying: "It has got to get better and, it will."

Social Affairs Correspondent Penny Marshall reports:

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