Pig's head in Stoke player locker

Stoke City has launched an internal investigation after a pig's head was found in the locker of striker Kenwyne Jones in the club's training ground dressing room.

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Jones' girlfriend: Pig stunt 'not even close to funny'

The girlfriend of Stoke City striker Kenwyne Jones has criticised the prank by his team-mates that involved placing a pig's head in his locker.

She tweeted that it was "not even close to funny" as Jones is a Rastafarian, so does not eat pork:


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Stoke City issue statement regarding pig's head prank

Stoke City have issued a statement in response to reports of an incident at their Clayton Wood Training Ground on Friday, in which it is believed a pig's head was left in the locker of striker Kenwyne Jones.

The Club takes seriously reports of an incident at our Training Ground this afternoon.

A full internal investigation will be carried out and those responsible for any unacceptable behaviour will be dealt with in accordance with the Club’s disciplinary procedures.

– Stoke City official statement

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