Driver jailed for killing couple

Disqualified driver Nicky Lovell, 38, has been jailed at Bristol Crown Court for 10 years and six months for killing husband and wife Ross, 34, and Clare Simons, 30. He crashed into them as they rode their tandem bike while he was fleeing police.

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Driver caused deaths of 'perfect couple' on tandem bike

A disqualified driver fleeing police was jailed for 10 years and six months for killing a couple he mowed down in a car as they rode their tandem bike.

Nicky Lovell, 38, pleaded guilty to causing the deaths of "perfect couple" Ross Simon, 34, and wife Clare, 30, by dangerous driving in the crash at Hanham, near Bristol, on January 27 this year.

Lovell, of Oldland Common, South Gloucestershire, was also banned from driving for life when he was sentenced at Bristol Crown Court today.

He had also admitted driving while disqualified during a previous hearing.


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