Cregan in prison van collision

A prison van carrying Dale Cregan to court was involved in a collision with another prison van. Police said one prisoner and four prison officers were injured. Cregan is on trial having admitted killing two police officers and a father and son.

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Prison vans 'collided with each other'

The two prison collided with each other meaning it is not likely that this was an attempted prison break, Manchester Evening News reports citing the police.

Police did not expand on how the collision took place or whether murderer Dale Cregan was the injured prisoner.

The marker in the top-right shows where the collision took place; the lower marker is Preston Crown Court Credit: Google Maps

The collision happened at a roundabout at the exit of Junction 31A on the M6 motorway northbound, police confirmed.

The junction is some five miles from Preston Crown Court, where the vans were headed.

The roundabout near junction 31A where the collision occurred Credit: Google Maps

Police: One prisoner injured in prison van collision

Greater Manchester Police have confirmed that a collision took place between two prison vans, and that one prisoner and four prison officers were injured:

Shortly before 9.40am on Friday 24 May 2013, a road traffic collision occurred by the roundabout at the exit of junction 31A of the M6 northbound.

The collision involved two prison vans on the way to Preston Crown Court as part of a high profile trial.

Four prison officers suffered minor injuries and have been taken to hospital for treatment. One prisoner was injured.

Enquiries are currently ongoing by Lancashire Police to establish the circumstances surrounding the collision.

– greater manchester police statement


Prison van carrying Dale Cregan 'involved in collision'

BBC Radio Manchester is reporting that a prison van transporting a man who murdered two police officers, Dale Cregan, has been involved in a collision.

There were no reports that any of the defendants in the van escaped or were injured.

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