BA engine doors 'left unlatched'

An interim report says engine-covering doors on both engines on the smoke-trailing British Airways plane in last week's Heathrow landing drama had been left unlatched during maintenance.

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Eyewitness feared collision with plane

A caller to LBC 97.3 named Aiden, said he was driving to Heathrow this morning and had to "hit the brakes" as he was worried debris might fall from the plane.

He told presenter Nick Ferrari:

"I thought to myself it was just the swirl of the wingtips and then I thought it was just too much for one side and I realised it was smoke.

The plane's coming right over the top of my head and I've had to brake because when I saw the right-hand starboard engine, it's just all blackened ... I didn't know if anything was going to fall off it. I've had to hit the brakes to make sure we don't coincide."


BA launch 'full investigation' into emergency landing

Customers and crew onboard a British Airways aircraft that returned to Heathrow this morning are safe and well after being evacuated from the aircraft.

Flight BA762 departed Heathrow at 8.16am and returned to Heathrow at 8.43am due to an engine technical fault.

The Airbus A319 aircraft was carrying 75 customers and five crew.

The aircraft landed safely and cabin crew evacuated customers using emergency slides.

Airline colleagues are now caring for customers in the airport terminal.

There is likely to be disruption to other flights today into and out of Heathrow.

Customers are advised to check for information about their flights before departing for the airport.

The airline has begun a full investigation into the incident and is working with the Air Accident Investigation Bureau to establish the cause.

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