Two arrested on diverted flight

Essex Police have arrested two men on suspicion of endangerment of an aircraft after a Pakistan International Airlines plane was diverted from Manchester to Stansted. Two RAF Typhoon jets were scrambled to escort the passenger jet to the ground.


'Significant' delays expected at Stansted Airport

Eurocontrol, Europe's air navigation safety watchdog, said "significant" delays are expected at Stansted Airport following an "incident with a 777 declaring an emergency":


Significant #flightdelay also at London Stansted - incident with a 777 declaring an emergency.


Plane sent to UK's designated counter-terrorism airport

by - Deputy Political Editor

Two Typhoon jets from RAF Coningsby have been scrambled to escort a passenger airliner.

The Pakistan International Airways jet has been diverted to Stansted airport which is the UK's designated counter terrorism airport.

Defence sources cannot yet say why the jets were scrambled to assist. The RAF carries out around a dozen such missions each year.

The passenger aircraft has now landed at Stansted.

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