Pakistan school bus fire

At least 16 children were killed after their school bus burst into flames on the outskirts of the Pakistani city of Gujrat. Unconfirmed reports said a gas canister on board the bus had caused an explosion.

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Report: Gas canister from school bus found intact

A police chief has said that a gas canister on board a school bus that burst into flames in Pakistan has been found intact and was not the cause of the fire, the AFP news agency reports.

Initial reports suggested that the canister, similar to that found in millions of vehicles in Pakistan, had caused a fatal explosion.

A man displays a burnt book to the media near a burnt-out school bus on the outskirts of Gujrat Credit: REUTERS/Stringer

The police chief, identified as Dar Ali Khattak, said the fire was caused by a spark when the driver switched from using gas to the petrol engine.

He added that the children were aged between five and 15.


17 children dead in Pakistan bus explosion

Seventeen Pakistani children burnt to death when a gas cylinder exploded. Credit: Reuters

Seventeen Pakistani children burnt to death on Saturday when a gas cylinder on the bus taking them to school exploded, media said.

Ten children were injured in the blaze on the outskirts of Gujrat, 100 miles (170 km) southeast of Islamabad, DawnNews said.

Many vehicles in Pakistan are powered by compressed natural gas Credit: Reuters

Many vehicles in energy-starved Pakistan are powered by relatively cheap compressed natural gas and cylinder blasts are common.

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