First gay marriage in France

The first gay marriage in France has taken place in Montpelier between Vincent Autin and Bruno Boileau.

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Scuffles outside France's first gay marriage

French police made at least one arrest as a group of individuals tried to disrupt the country's first ever same-sex marriage ceremony by booing the couple outside Montpellier town hall, where the wedding was due to take place.

Police accompanying Bruno Boileau and Vincent Autin, the first two men in france to tie the knot, struggled with individuals whose boos were mostly drowned out by the cheering of a large crowd gathered outside.

A group of five individuals were seen running from the scene immediately afterwards as police radios announced an order to chase six protesters.

Vincent and Bruno are first gay couple to marry in France

Vincent Autin and Bruno Boileau have become the the first same-sex couple to marry in France.

The pair exchanged vows in Montpellier's city hall before the mayor, relatives, friends and media as police stood guard outside to ensure the ceremony was not disrupted by protesters.

"It's a great pleasure for me to declare you married by law," said Montpellier's left-wing Mayor Helene Mandroux, as the couple embraced to a huge cheer from an audience of about 500.

Groom's mother 'not afraid' for son

Guests wait for the marriage of Bruno Boileau and Vincent Autin. Credit: Emma Murphy

Bruno Boileau's mother is waiting for her son to arrive for his historic marriage.

"I am very happy, for us, for my son. I knew it would happen because the president had promised he would make it the law. He made good on that one promise at least," she said.

Asked if she was afraid for her son given the level of protest, she said: "Here, I am not afraid, no. We are so protected here. There is so much going on."

Giant cakes arrive ahead of France's first gay wedding

One of the two cakes is moved onto a trolley at the Montpellier city council building Credit: APTN

Two giant pink cakes have been moved into place ahead of France's first gay marriage in the southern city of Montpellier.

The cone-shaped creations were coated in pink and white icing and decorated with lace and slinkies.

Vincent Autin and his fiancé Bruno Boileau will become France's first same-sex married couple at a ceremony later today.


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