Syrian refugees need $5bn aid

The UN has launched its biggest ever aid appeal for Syria as the scale of the refugee crisis continues to escalate. Aid agencies need over $5bn to fund their operations in and around Syria until the end of the year, the UN said.

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Enough Syrian refugees to fill Birmingham and Glasgow

UNICEF estimates that more than 1.6 million people have fled the war in Syria - equivalent to the entire populations of Birmingham and Glasgow combined.

The number of people thought to need aid in Syria is roughly equivalent to the populations of Scotland and Northern Ireland combined.

  • Over 1.6 million people have fled Syria into neighbouring countries
  • 814,395 of those are children
  • Some 6.8 million people in Syria need of humanitarian aid
  • More than 3 million of these are children
  • 3.9 million children in urgent need of humanitarian assistance in total



UNICEF Syria work underfunded by almost a third

The aid organisation UNICEF says its work in Syria is underfunded by 30% until the end of June, a situation that is not sustainable given that the refugee camps they operate in are growing daily.

Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan - home to 120,000 Syrian refugees Credit: ITV News/Lutfi Abu-Aun

Today, UNICEF is launching an appeal that will - if the target is met - provide funding for their work until the end of this year.

UNICEF provides clean water, clothing and medical care for an estimated 814,395 children living in refugee camps bordering Syria.

They also run schools and 'child-friendly spaces' where children can feel safe and be helped to deal with the psychological impacts of war.

Watch our correspondent John Ray's report from one of these spaces at Zaatari refugee camp here.

Jordan 'turning Syrian refugees away'

Jordan is already swelling with Syrian refugees and is now having to turn away some families who are desperate to escape the war.

ITV News has been reporting from the Zaatari refugee camp, a place now home to more than 100,000 people.

Every day, more and more refugees arrive on the border, hoping to reach the camp, but some say that they are being sent back over the border.

Suleiman moves into new family home at Zaatari camp

Suleiman stands in front of his family tent in Zaatari refugee camp Credit: ITV News/Lutfi Abu-Aun

Suleiman, 5, has just moved into his new home in Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan after fleeing the violence across the border in Syria.

He and his family will live in this tent - one among some 25,000 in the camp - for the foreseeable future.

Suleiman told our producer that he know any children here, but he will play with the kids in the tents next to his family one.

Watch: UN to launch biggest aid appeal for Syria


Syrian girl dreams of football after being hurt in blast

Reem Ziad al Helo is one of the many children at Zaatari refufee camp being treated for wounds inflicted in the Syrian war.

Her right foot was badly injured when a shell hit her home in the village of Sahem Touma in Deraa province. Her aunt was killed and her mother sustained minor injuries.

Reem Ziad al Helo has been working with a physiotherapist from Handicap International Credit: ITV News/Lutfi Abu-Aun

She has been having weekly sessions with a physiotherapist from Handicap International since arriving at the camp in January, but is still not able to walk.

Reem dreams of playing football again Credit: ITV News/Lutfi Abu-Aun

Reem says she is determined to play football again, and to walk to school without a wheelchair.

UN to launch biggest aid appeal for Syria

The United Nations will launch their biggest aid appeal for Syria tomorrow, as the scale of the refugee crisis continues to escalate.

All week ITV News has been reporting from Zaatari, one of the biggest refugee camps in the world that lies just five miles from the Syrian border in Jordan.

Last September, there were approximately 2,500 tents and trailers there but within three months it more than doubled in size.

The camp now holds 25,000 tents with some 120,000 refugees calling Zaatari home - half of them are children.

ITV News' Middle East Correspondent John Ray reports from inside the camp.

Syrian twin girls still underweight but recovering well

The Syrian twins that ITV News viewers have been getting to know through our special reports from Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan looked much healthier today than they did a few days ago.

Nine-month-old twins Iman and Ayat Credit: ITV News/Yara Borgal

Doctors at the Médecins Sans Frontières hospital in the camp say Iman and Ayat still suffer from occasional diarrhoea and vomiting and are underweight, but are making a recovery.

Their mother told our producer she is very happy to see her daughters getting better but she fears they might relapse once they are back in the tent where they live.

Watch our correspondent John Ray's special report on child health in the camp here.

Charity tackles hunger as Syrian conflict continues

Conflict in Syria has forced millions of people to flee their homes, creating a humanitarian crisis in which food assistance is a top priority.

The World Food Programme is attempting to feed 2.5 million people in Syria every month. Credit: WFP

Currently, the World Food Programme (WFP) is aiming to feed 2.5 million people inside Syria every month, distributing food both in areas controlled by the government and by the opposition.

As well as assisting those in Syria, the WFP also distributes food inside refugee camps in neighbouring countries. Credit: WFP

The WFP is also assisting more than 800,000 refugees who have fled to neighbouring countries.

In a series of special reports, ITV News Middle East Correspondent John Ray is focusing on the plight of 100,000 Syrians at the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, where the WFP also distributes aid. Watch John Ray's latest reports here.

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