Islamists jailed over EDL plot

Six Islamist extremists who plotted an attack on an English Defence League rally have been jailed for terms ranging from 18 years and 9 months to 19 and a half years at the Old Bailey.

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Angry confrontations in court during sentencing

There were angry scenes in Court 12 at the Old Bailey when six men were sentenced for their part in the attempted plot to attack an EDL march in Dewsbury.

Two members of the English Defence League, including leader Tommy Robinson, shouted "God Save The Queen" and the defendants and some supporters in the public gallery shouted back "Allah u Akbar".

They were all bundled out of court by officers as the taunting continued. The defendants raised their arms in salute as they we led away from the dock.

One woman, thought to be a mother of one of the six, burst into sobs.


EDL attack plotters' anger 'not unfounded'

Six men due to be sentenced today over a planned attack on a rally staged by the English Defence League had worked themselves up into "a very great state of fear", Danny Friedman QC said defending Mohammed Hasseen. He told the court:

It would be wrong to say that the fear and anger that these men and others felt towards the EDL was completely irrational and unfounded.

Young men reach to ideology to explain away fear and loathing about their communities being attacked and that's what we submit happened here.

EDL attack planned after 'calculated insults'

A planned attack on an English Defence League rally was a reaction to the far-right groups' "calculated insults" of Islam, a court heard today.

Sentencing of six Islamic extremists who hatched the plot to target the gathering in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, last summer continued at the Old Bailey.

Joel Bennathan QC for Omar Khan said:

The EDL stage rallies in what they perceive, rightly, to be areas with large Muslim populations. They are intimidating when they do so.

They are obviously and very deliberately insulting to any Muslims. One doesn't need a degree in theology to have spotted the fact that to a Muslim a personal insult to the Prophet Mohammed is a very serious matter.

They are intimidating, they are insulting and they are provocative.


EDL leaders attend Islamist plot sentencing

EDL leader Tommy Robinson with supporters outside the Old Bailey today. Credit: Press Association

Dozens of EDL supporters gathered outside the Old Bailey as 6 men who planned a bloody attack on an EDL rally were sentenced.

Jewel Uddin, 27, Omar Mohammed Khan, 31, Mohammed Hasseen, 24, Anzal Hussain, 25, Mohammed Saud, 23, and Zohaib Ahmed, 22, admitted planning the attack at a hearing on April 30

Leader Tommy Robinson and his deputy Kevin Carroll briefly went to the public gallery of Court 12 to watch the beginning of the two-day hearing.

The court heard how the plot to strike an EDL event in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, only failed by chance - the group arrived late and the rally had finished earlier than expected.

EDL supporters chanted "Anjem Choudary, off our streets" and "EDL" and waved English flags outside court. Two men aged 24 and 26 were arrested outside the court on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly, City of London police said.

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