Ex-Savile officer on Big Brother

A former detective who worked on Operation Yewtree, the inquiry into the Jimmy Savile abuse scandal, is taking part in Channel 5's Big Brother. Scotland Yard has warned the broadcaster of the risks of having Daniel Neal on the show.

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Ex-Savile inquiry detective enters Big Brother house

A former detective who was involved in the Jimmy Savile abuse inquiry is among the contestants who entered the Big Brother house tonight.

Daniel Neal joined the Channel 5 show a day after his former employer, the Met Police, warned the broadcaster of the dangers of putting him on screen.

Daniel Neal speaks ahead of entering the Big Brother House. Credit: Big Brother/Channel 5/Endemol

Scotland Yard contacted the broadcaster afterdetails first emerged about Mr Neal's previous career and his work on Operation Yewtree, the investigation into Savile.

Before entering the house Dan clarified he was no longer working as a police officer, adding: "I've done ten-and-a-half years in the police and i've worked really hard, I've achieved a lot and had a rewarding career.

"I just need a change. I want to explore the creative side of my personality."

Big Brother cop says he won't embarrass police

A former police officer has told the Daily Star his decision to enter the Big Brother house won't damage the reputation of the police.

The Star says former Detective Constable Dan Neal worked on Operation Yewtree - the investigation into Jimmy Savile.

Big Brother contestant Dan Neal Credit: Daily Star

Scotland Yard has warned Big Brother broadcaster Channel 5 over the risks of having a former police officer as a contestant.

But Dan Neal told the Daily Star: "I don’t want to embarrass myself, let alone the police service. So I honestly don’t think it should have any impact on the investigation.

“It’s a game show at the end of the day. I don’t see how it would affect the image of the police."


Ex-officer 'wouldn’t jeopardise' Savile victims work

A former Operation Yewtree police officer who is reportedly expected to enter the Big Brother house today has spoken to the Daily Star about his motivation for taking part in the show.

Dan Neal said it had not been a "rash decision" and he does not want to "embarrass himself, let alone the police service".

Former Detective Constable Dan Neal is reportedly set to enter the Big Brother house today.

Scotland Yard has warned Channel 5 over the risks of having an officer who worked on the Jimmy Savile abuse inquiry on the show.

Neal said: "I think there will be some concern within the police, but ultimately I wouldn’t want to jeopardise a lot of the work I did with victims in the last eight months.”

He also blamed the Government for wanting to leave the force, adding: "The police have made a lot of changes in the last year or so. There have been a lot of changes to our pensions. I’m blaming the Government for me going into Big Brother"

Channel 5: Confidentiality will not be breached

Channel 5 takes its obligations as a broadcaster seriously and, as has been made clear to New Scotland Yard today, extensive procedures are in place to ensure that nothing will be broadcast during the course of Big Brother which would involve the former police officer breaching confidentiality, invading the privacy of others, committing libel or a contempt of court.

– A Channel 5 spokesman

Channel 5 has safety net of Big Brother time delay

Channel 5 does have a safety net to ensure sensitive or potentially prejudicial material does not make it on to the television sets of the British public, because the show is never broadcast absolutely live.

The garden for this year's Big Brother series. Credit: Channel 5

Programmes such as the "live" entries and evictions have a two- to three-minute delay, while the two-hour "live" feed from 7pm to 9pm each night on 5* has a delay of around 15 minutes.

The former detective, who has not been identified, is expected to enter the Big Brother house tomorrow.

Contestant 'knows they are going to hit the headlines'

A Big Brother insider is reported to have told the Daily Star, which is owned by the same media mogul who owns Channel 5: “The housemate knows they are going to hit the headlines over this. Leaving the police force to go into the Big Brother house is a massive move.

This year's Big Brother House. Credit: Channel 5

“Their former bosses are going to be shocked about their decision to join the show and naturally will be worried about what might be said inside the house.

“This person has seen a lot of bad things while working on Operation Yewtree.

"They will know what can and can’t be said inside the house but it’s only natural for their housemates to want to try to get as much gossip as possible.”


Police: Channel 5 'made fully aware of potential risks'

Scotland Yard has warned Channel 5 over the risks of having a former Operation Yewtree police officer on Big Brother.

The Daily Star alleges the contestant is an ex-detective constable "who played a key role" on the Jimmy Savile abuse inquiry.

We are aware of reports concerning the proposed media appearance of a former detective constable.We have been in contact with Channel 5 and made them fully aware of potential risks and their responsibility to live investigations.

All officers joining the MPS and leaving the MPS are required to sign the Official Secrets Act.

– Metropolitan Police

Ex-Savile abuse inquiry officer 'going on Big Brother'

Police have warned Big Brother broadcaster Channel 5 over the risks of having a former police officer as a contestant.

Scotland Yard said it had contacted the television station after the Daily Star claimed a detective constable who it says "played a key role in Operation Yewtree" - the investigation into Jimmy Saville - will be appearing on the show.

Scotland Yard said it had made the broadcaster aware of "potential risks" to ongoing police investigations and reminded the company of its "responsibility".

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