Sandy Hook mum's gun law vow

On the eve of the six month anniversary since a man shot dead 20 children and six teachers in Sandy Hook elementary school in Newton, Connecticut, the mother of a murdered six-year-old British boy tells ITV News of her fight for greater gun control.

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'I talk about guns with my friends at school'

For young people in parts of America, guns are a normal and regular part of everyday life.

Mallory Tate, 12

"I got my first gun when I was five or six. I went on safaris in Africa and as I grew up went on rabbit hunts.

"Even when I go to school I can have a conversation with my best friend about a gun or what I shot this weekend."

Mallory Tate was taught about guns from a young age by her father. Credit: ITV

Morgan Lingdon, 13

"This is such a big part of my life. I shoot every Thursday night and I'm going to be shooting every weekend. I just love the sport."

Morgan Lingdon attends a shooting competition in Pheonix, Arizona. Credit: ITV


Piers Morgan 'increasingly angry' about US gun deaths

Former British newspaper editor Piers Morgan, who is now a TV host for US network CNN, said he has become "increasingly angry" at the number of Americans killed in gun murders.

"In Britain we have between 30 and 50 gun murders a year," he explained. "In America they have 11-12,000 murdered with guns every year. Another 18,000 people kill themselves with guns every year."

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Sandy Hook victims' names read out six months on

The names of 20 children and their six teachers were read out today, six months after they were shot dead at Sandy Hook in one of America's worst school shootings.

Since the school massacre, thousands more people have died from gun crime in the US.

The parents of the children killed in December are still fighting for a change in gun laws.

This report is by ITV News Washington correspondent Robert Moore:

A special Tonight: America and its Guns was broadcast at 19.30pm on ITV

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'America and its Guns' on ITV now

Six months on from the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, our Washington Correspondent Robert Moore has been investigating the gun culture in the US.

'America and its Guns' is starting now on ITV or you can watch it live on the ITV Player.

ITV's Tonight has been investigating America's gun culture
ITV's Tonight has been investigating America's gun culture Credit: Tonight

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President Obama to meet Sandy Hook relatives

US President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will meet relatives of some of the children killed in the Newtown shooting later today.

White House spokesman Jay Carney announced the news during a routine press briefing, but did not give a time.

Family members are in Washington DC to mark six months since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

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Family reveal details of devastating gun accident

The father of Jenn Stanovich, who was killed in a tragic gun accident last summer in America, has described the moment the 6-year-old died in his arms. 13-year-old Charles Stanovich accidentally killed his sister after his hunting gun went off and shot her in the chest.

In a Tonight special by Washington Correspondent Robert Moore, Jenn's father Richard said:

"I was saying to her, stay with Daddy, stay with Daddy, and then I said, Daddy loves you, and then I felt her slipping away."

'Tonight' America and its Guns will be broadcast at 19.30pm on ITV

Read: Determinded Sandy Hook mother tackles politics of gun control

Sandy Hook mum calling for assault weapon ban

The mother of Dylan Hockley, killed in the Sandy Hook massacre, wants the US to ban assault weapons, and high-capacity magazines. Speaking to Washington Correspondent Robert Moore as part of a Tonight investigation into gun culture in the US, Nicole Hockley said:

"When the shooter stopped to reload, eleven children were able to escape. Had the shooter had a lower capacity magazine, such as 10 bullets in the magazine, rather than 30, which is what he had, there might have been more opportunities for children to escape. "

'Tonight' America and its Guns will be broadcast at 19.30pm on ITV

Read: Determined Sandy Hook mother tackles politics of gun control

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