Brazil protests 'more localised'

Protests continue in Brazil following a week of unrest that saw a million people take to the streets to demonstrate against the government. This time the demonstrations have become more localised, calling for action on a range of social issues.

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Report: Brazil's president calls emergency meeting

Brasil's president Dilma Roussef has called an emergency meeting of cabinet ministers to discuss how to respond to the groundswell in protests across the country, according to local newspaper O Globo.

A woman kneels in front of mounted riot policemen amid anti-government protest in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil Credit: REUTERS/Gustavo Vara

The newspaper reports that Roussef is considering making a statement directly to the protesters via television and radio.

She may also convene the Council of State - a body of the country's top leaders called in cases of national emergency - it is reported.


Brazilian protesters storm Congress building in Rio

Brazilian protesters descended on the National Congress building in the capital Rio de Janeiro last night although there were no reports of serious damage.

Photographs showed scores of protesters on the roof of the building at one stage and police had to use a fire extinguisher to put out a small fire on a window frame.

Police eventually managed to negotiate with protesters to leave the premises, it was reported.

A protester wades towards an open window in the National Congress building in Rio, Brazil Credit: Reuters
Demonstrators stand in front of the building Credit: Reuters
Riot police guarding the National Congress building Credit: APTN


Thousands protest in 80 cities across Brazil

More than half a million Brazilians poured onto the streets of at least 80 cities in demonstrations that saw violent clashes.

Fires blaze as demonstrators clash with police in Rio de Janeiro. Credit: Reuters
A riot policeman fires his weapon in Belem, at the mouth of the Amazon River. Credit: Reuters
A man demonstrates outside the National Congress in Brasilia. Credit: Reuters

Half a million protesters pour onto the streets of Brazil

Thousands of Brazilians poured onto the streets in protest at government corruption and demands for better public services. Credit: Reuters

More than half a million Brazilians poured onto the streets of at least 80 cities in demonstrations that saw violent clashes.

Riot police battled protesters in at least five cities, with some of the most intense clashes happening in Rio de Janeiro, where an estimated 300,000 demonstrators swarmed into the seaside city's central area.

Thundering booms echoed around the city as rubber bullets and tear gas were fired at fleeing crowds.

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