39 people rescued from ride

Some 39 people have been returned safely to the ground after becoming trapped on the Rameses Revenge ride at at Chessington World of Adventures in South-West London.

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Chessington 'very sorry for any discomfort' caused

In a statement, Chessington World of Adventures has apologised to its guests for "any discomfort" caused when one of its rides broke down with 39 people on board:

At 4.06pm the Rameses Revenge at Chessington World of Adventures Resort in Surrey experienced a technical problem. This resulted in the automatic fail-safe system bringing the ride to a controlled stop. Experienced resort staff were on site immediately to assist with guest care.

No guests were injured in the incident. A small number of people were on the ride at the time and the resort's engineers worked with the emergency services implementing well-rehearsed procedures to ensure their comfort and safe removal from the ride.

We are very sorry for any discomfort our guests experienced during the delay.

– chessington statement

It confirmed that the attraction would be open tomorrow.

Trapped people pictured on Rameses Revenge

One of the people who had been stuck on the Rameses Revenge ride tweeted this photo of the rescue operation.

Firefighters and paramedics can be seen walking on the platform suspended 20 feet above the ground as they work to free people one-by-one.

People stuck on the Rameses Revenge ride at Chessington World of Adventures Credit: Simon Speller
A firefighter speaks to punters trapped on the ride Credit: Simon Speller


Mother: Standed people given water and sun cream

A mother whose 13-year-old daughter is on the Rameses Revenge ride said that water and sun creak was being provided to the stranded people. She told Sky News:

They have been sending up water and sun cream to them because it was rather hot initially.

They are taking children down first. There are some kids on there with learning difficulties that are being brought down.

It is very concerning because they were stuck and all the electrics failed.

They were on the ride for 90 minutes before the fire and rescue service came out to them.

I think they are all in a little personal discomfort. I hear some people are in a bit of distress now.

– mother

Punters became trapped on Rameses Revenge in 2001

People became trapped on the Rameses Revenge once before in 2001, although they were released after just 20 minutes.

The ride momentarily stopped at a height of about 60 feet, before a safety system cut in a lowered the punters to the ground.

Rameses Revenge was closed at the time pending an investigation into the cause of the incident.

Children and adults stuck on Chessington ride

London Fire Brigade has said that a mixture of children and adults are stuck on the ride. Station Manager Justin Coo said:

Firefighters are assisting the trapped people down from the ride, which is around 12 feet above a walkway. We're cutting people out of their restraints, walking them down the ride and helping them down a ladder to ground level.

No injuries have been reported though a few people are understandably a bit uncomfortable as they've been stuck for some time. Firefighters are doing very well to get people down as quickly and safely as possible.

– Justin Coo, Station Manager, London Fire Brigade


People became stuck on Rameses Revenge ride

The Rameses Revenge Chessington World of Adventures theme park in South West London Credit: Tim Ockenden/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Some 39 people have become stuck on the Rameses Revenge ride at the Chessington World of Adventures theme park.

The ride seats 40 people in two rows, which then spin around while water fountains shoot up from below to give riders a soaking.

A blurb on the Chessington website says of the ride: "Rameses Revenge turns you upside down, spins you around and lowers you head first over water fountains!"

Firefighters using cutting equipment to free people

A spokeswoman for London Fire Brigade has said that firefighters are working with ladders and cutting equipment to rescue people.

She said they were being cut from the metal restraints holding them into their seats, before being "walked down the ride" and then down a ladder to the ground.

They were stuck for some two hours before the London Fire Brigade was called, she added.

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