Obama calls for nuclear cuts

President Barack Obama has renewed his call to reduce US and Russian nuclear stockpiles. Speaking in Berlin he called for a one-third reduction saying it was still possible to ensure American security.

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Obama: We should reduce nuclear weapons by a third

President Barack Obama in front of Berlin's Brandenburg Gate Credit: Reuters

President Obama called for a one-third reduction of US and Russia deployed nuclear weapons today, saying it was possible to secure American security and a strong deterrent while also limiting nuclear weapons. Speaking from the historic Brandenburg gates in Berlin, he said:

"Peace with justice means pursuing the security of a world without nuclear weapons, no matter how distant that dream may be.

"We can ensure the security of America and our allies and maintain a strong and credible strategic deterrent while reducing our deployed strategic nuclear weapons by up to one-third."

Obama calls for 'fighting spirit' in Brandenburg speech

President Barack Obama with Chancellor Angela Merkel after his speech at the city's historic Brandenburg Gate. Credit: Reuters

President Obama called for a new "fighting spirit" of citizen activism in the free world, as he renewed calls to reduce US and Russian nuclear stockpiles in a speech at Berlin's Brandenburg Gate.

In a wide-ranging address that comes nearly 50 years after John F. Kennedy's famous Cold War speech he said:

"Today's threats are not as stark as they were half a century ago, but the struggle for freedom and security and human dignity, that struggle goes on.

"And I come here to this city of hope because the test of our time demands the same fighting spirit that defined Berlin a half-century ago."


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